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  1. the national interest
    The Republican Response to Biden’s Democracy Speech Proves His PointYep, they are dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump.
  2. the national interest
    Pennsylvania GOP Governor Candidate Doug Mastriano Refuses to Denounce Nazi AllyAn incredibly ominous sign in the GOP’s rightward lurch.
  3. the national interest
    Without Media Accountability, Republicans Will Govern Like a One-Party StateWhat happens when Republicans shut out independent media.
  4. the national interest
    Blake Masters, Nazi-Adjacent Arizona Republican Senate CandidateAnother sign of the party’s radicalization.
  5. the national interest
    Republicans Are Trying to Cover Up Greatest Political Scandal in U.S. HistoryThe GOP still won’t admit it even deserves to be investigated.
  6. the national interest
    Republicans Respond to January 6 Hearings by Defending TrumpNo remorse, no accountability.
  7. the national interest
    Trump’s Insurrection Is Building Professionalized InstitutionsNext time, they won’t rely on amateurs.
  8. the national interest
    Republicans Block Bill to Monitor Their Violent Allies“Domestic extremists — hey, that’s us!”
  9. the national interest
    J.D. Vance Is a Dangerous AuthoritarianThe only coherent aspect of his worldview is a lust for power.
  10. the national interest
    In DeSantis’s Banana Republic, Corporations Must Support the PartyOrbanism is Florida.
  11. the national interest
    Trump, Putin, and the Paradox of PropagandaWhen you set out to brainwash others, you end up brainwashing yourself.
  12. the national interest
    DeSantis’s Threats to Disney Is What Post-Trump Authoritarianism Looks Like“Special treatment” as long as you support the government.
  13. the national interest
    Republicans Can’t Decide Whether to Celebrate Trump’s Coup Plot or Ignore ItWhat the “legitimate political discourse” fight reveals.
  14. the national interest
    Republican Party Excommunicates Liz Cheney for Opposing the InsurrectionRNC calls rioters “ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse.”
  15. the national interest
    Trump Dangles Pardons to His 2024 Insurrectionist AlliesHe said he would pardon the January 6 rioters, which really means he is soliciting insurrection next time.
  16. the national interest
    Republicans Want You to Think January 6 Was Random ViolencePolitical violence that has major-party support is categorically different.
  17. authoritarianism
    Trump Endorses Viktor Orbán, His Hungarian Role ModelIt’s an unusual move that may signal what Trump hopes to achieve for himself.
  18. the national interest
    Conservatism and Fascism Are Not the Same ThingYou can’t stop authoritarianism unless you understand it.
  19. the national interest
    ‘Normal’ Republican Ron DeSantis Wants to Lock Up Anthony FauciBeing a less deranged authoritarian than Trump is a low bar.
  20. the national interest
    Trump Took Over the GOP Because He’s Willing to Break ItAnd his Republican critics aren’t.
  21. the national interest
    If Trump Voters Lived in Germany, They’d Be in the Fascist PartyNo, not that one.
  22. the national interest
    Chris Christie and the Death of the Never Trump Republican“The line of supporting Donald Trump starts behind me!”
  23. the national interest
    Trump Openly Defends Insurrectionists Trying to Hang Pence As ‘Common Sense’The slow, inevitable evolution of the former president’s pro-riot rhetoric.
  24. the national interest
    Republican Infrastructure Supporters Facing Right-Wing PurgeThe only good infrastructure bill is a Trump infrastructure bill.
  25. the national interest
    Report: Corporations Ready to Resume Donating to Pro-Coup RepublicansIt’s not because they’ve solved the problem of Republican authoritarianism.
  26. the national interest
    Republican Leaders Could Still Stop Trump. They Just Don’t Want To.Trump wants to erode democracy. They just want to win.
  27. the national interest
    Anybody Fighting Joe Biden Now Is Helping Trump’s Next CoupAll Republican politics is now functionally authoritarian.
  28. the national interest
    The Horrifying Legal Blueprint for Trump’s War on DemocracyThe Eastman memo is a new high-water mark in Republican authoritarianism.
  29. the national interest
    Ben Shapiro’s Book Is a Glib Rationale for Right-Wing AuthoritarianismThe “authoritarian moment” isn’t the president who tried to cancel the election?
  30. the national interest
    Carlson Tells Orbán the Only Threat to Hungarian Democracy Is BidenTucker’s authoritarian dream future, on display in Hungary.
  31. the national interest
    Tucker Carlson Has Seen the Future, and It Is FascistAn important marker on the Republican road to authoritarianism.
  32. the national interest
    Trump Berates Former General for Being Bad at Military Coups“If I was going to do a coup, one of the last people I would want to do it with is General Mark Milley.”
  33. the national interest
    Even Steve Mnuchin Refuses to Admit Biden Won the ElectionWhat it tells us when the most respectable Trumpist won’t refute the big lie.
  34. the national interest
    The Chilling Message of Trump’s Embrace of Ashli Babbitt MartyrdomJanuary 6 is now a heroic uprising to the movement.
  35. insurrection day
    The Long Authoritarian History of the Capitol RiotHow the GOP stoked the violent tendencies of its followers.
  36. the national interest
    How’s the Republican Strategy to Starve Trump of Oxygen Working Out?Let’s review the past 24 hours.
  37. the national interest
    Republicans Say Voting Protections Trample ‘States’ Rights.’ Uh-Oh.The chilling future implications of a very old argument.
  38. the national interest
    GOP Senator: Democracy, Majority Rule Aren’t What Our Country Stands ForRand Paul gets a little too honest about his beliefs.
  39. the national interest
    The Authoritarian Threat Is Not OverhypedRoss Douthat’s unpersuasive case for complacency.
  40. the national interest
    Joe Manchin’s Incoherent Case for Letting Republicans Destroy DemocracyThe most powerful senator’s illogical reasoning.
  41. the national interest
    Trump Sycophants Pleading for Less Coup Talk at Saturday RallyWhat about two-thirds economy, one-third coup, suggests Lindsey Graham.
  42. the national interest
    Trump Believes He Can Regain the Presidency This SummerHe can’t, but the insurrectionist wing of the party isn’t going away.
  43. conservatism
    The GOP Can Win Without Waging War on DemocracyBut they want to never lose.
  44. the national interest
    Texas Republicans Want to Make Trump’s Coup Nice and LegalMichael Flynn said a Myanmar-style military coup “should happen”; Republicans prefer to use the legislature.
  45. the national interest
    Republicans Won’t Investigate Trump’s Coup Because It’s PartisanThat’s exactly why it’s such a threat.
  46. the national interest
    Barr’s Justice Department Launched Secret Attack on Trump Ally’s Twitter CriticA grand jury tried to expose a Twitter account for mocking Devin Nunes.
  47. the national interest
    The Republican Plot to Turn Poll Workers Into Vote SuppressorsThe insidious strategy of using criminal threats to control election officials.
  48. the national interest
    House Republicans Purge Liz Cheney and Join Trump’s War on DemocracyCheney asked her party to choose sides on authoritarianism. They have.
  49. the national interest
    Liz Cheney’s Liberal Critics Are Missing the PointSupporting democracy is not just one issue.
  50. the national interest
    When Trump’s Next Coup Happens, the Republican Party Will Fully Support ItThe Cheney debate shows the party elite has made up its mind.
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