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  1. unnatural disasters
    The Sea Creatures That Opened a New Mystery About MH370Could freaky barnacles do what advanced technology couldn’t — find the missing plane?
  2. aviation
    The Wheels Are Literally Falling Off at BoeingThe front wheels came off a Boeing plane on the tarmac this weekend — a sign of the severity of the manufacturer’s crisis with its 737 MAX.
  3. aviation
    Alaska Airlines Inflight Blowout Raises New Doubts About 737 MAXThe scary incident raises new concerns about the wisdom of continuing to rely on an aircraft that has been so notoriously dogged by problems.
  4. unnatural disasters
    Everyone Could Have Died in the Tokyo Airport Crash. Here’s Why They Didn’t.“Runway incursions” are an increasingly common, extraordinarily dangerous occurrence.
  5. aviation
    Air Travel Is Not Ready for Electronic WarfareMilitaries are spoofing GPS signals, with civilian planes increasingly caught in the crossfire. What happens when someone actually targets them?
  6. up in the air
    F-35 Fighters Are Supposed to Disappear — Just Not Like ThisThe super-expensive American stealth jet has had its share of mishaps. It’s still the envy of the world.
  7. aviation
    The Very Russian Politics of Prigozhin’s Plan CrashThe apparent downing of Prigozhin’s plane shows what Putin thinks about aviation safety.
  8. unnatural disasters
    When Flying Private KillsThe freak accident that killed a D.C. power broker and the hidden risk of traveling in the lap of luxury.
  9. spy balloons
    Did an F-22 Blow Up an Illinois Club’s Hobby Balloon?The Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade’s small circumnavigating pico balloon is “missing in action.”
  10. cancel culture
    How Did Southwest Airlines Screw Up This Bad?The storm is over, but the canceled flights keep coming.
  11. aviation
    The Return of Supersonic Travel Is an Eternal DisappointmentEvery few years, there’s a new promise that passengers will soon feel as if they’re in a Concorde, but there are good reasons it never takes off.
  12. aviation
    Boeing 737 Jet Plunges to the Ground in ChinaMore than 130 people were onboard the plane operated by China Eastern Airlines that crashed into a rural hillside.
  13. weather
    Watch a Giddy Brit Narrate Planes Landing in Extremely Windy WeatherAs an unusually intense storm hits the U.K., one man is having a media moment.
  14. aviation
    5G Will Not Make Your Plane Fall Out of the SkyWhy did U.S. airlines fly into a panic over this?
  15. aviation
    Why Belarus Grounding of Ryanair Flight Broke International LawThe country’s dictator tears a page from Vladimir Putin’s playbook to snatch a dissident.
  16. aviation
    Why Do Boeing 777 Engines Keep Exploding?The worrisome trend has prompted action from Japan’s transportation ministry, the FAA, and United Airlines.
  17. aviation
    Ancient Boeing 777 Strews Debris Over ColoradoUA328 suffered a catastrophic uncontained engine failure in an incident eerily similar to what happened to a sister aircraft in 2018.
  18. aviation
    Investigators Find Pilot at Fault in Crash That Killed Kobe BryantThe National Transportation Safety Board ruled that the pilot in Bryant’s helicopter crash defied his training while flying in whiteout conditions.
  19. aviation
    Two-Mile Nosedive by an Indonesian 737 Unexplained As of YetBlack box data should reveal why Sriwijaya Air Flight 182 plunged rapidly on Saturday, striking the Java Sea at nearly 500 miles per hour.
  20. aviation
    Kobe Bryant Pilot Deliberately Broke Flight RulesA new government report concludes that he made the fatal decision to fly into a cloud bank.
  21. aviation
    How Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter May Have CrashedLow visibility due to clouds and fog and rugged, rising terrain have killed many helicopter pilots in similar conditions over the years.
  22. hirings and firings
    Boeing Finally Ousts Hapless CEO for 737 MAX DebacleNow, an attitude of genuine contrition and transparency will be crucial to rebuilding Boeing’s century-old reputation for reliability.
  23. boeing
    6 Minutes of Terror: What Passengers Experienced on Ethiopian Airlines Fl. 302In a clear sign something is amiss, the autopilot turns itself off. In the cabin, people are now getting shaken as the plane rolls.
  24. business
    Is the Boeing 737 Max Worth Saving?Even when the Max does get FAA approval to fly again, its troubles won’t be over.
  25. aviation
    The Recent Deadly Boeing Crash No One Is Talking AboutLast month a cargo jet abruptly nosedived to the ground near Houston – an accident even more disturbing in its implications than the one in Ethiopia.
  26. government shutdown
    Airports in Northeast Hit With Delays Over Shutdown-Related Staffing IssuesThe FAA attributed the temporary halt of flights at LaGuardia and delays in Newark, Philadelphia, and D.C. to a shortage of air traffic controllers.
  27. q&a
    A Flight-Safety Inspector Explains the Very Real Perils of the ShutdownAirline inspectors are among the many government workers affected by the shutdown. Here’s how their absence from the job introduces real dangers.
  28. U.S. Needs New FAA Head, Trump Generously Offers His Personal PilotPresident Trump has trusted John Dunkin to fly his jet since 1989, so obviously he should be on the short list to oversee civil aviation nationwide.
  29. About That Airplane Part That Was Supposed to Solve the MH370 Mystery …It’s been a month since that flaperon washed up on the shore of the island of La Réunion.
  30. aviation
    British Airways Apologizes for Scaring PassengersA voice on the intercom said the 747 was about to crash. It wasn’t.