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  1. Grown-up With Lightsaber Puts Campus on LockdownSUNY Farmingdale: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
  2. awkward
    Jay Smooth Forced to Declare His Blackness on TV“I’m actually black.”
  3. awkward
    Obama Once Walked In on Reggie Love With a Lady in His BedUGH DAD I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK.
  4. awkward
    Suspicious Person Just ‘Socially Awkward’ GuyEmbarrassing.
  5. awkward
    Pinterest Accidentally Congratulates Single Women on Getting Married“Actually I’m not getting married,but thanks pinterest! #awk”
  6. only in new york kids
    Missing $1.4 Million Painting Found Hanging in Some Dude’s BathroomDoorman found it in some bushes.
  7. Blind Item: Which Goldman Sachs VP Is About to Be Thoroughly Humiliated by His Colleagues?Look out, Maserati-owning “34 year old Asian American VP at Goldman Sachs.”
  8. awkward
    Man Gets Wasted, Loses $1.4 Million PaintingOops.
  9. awkward
    ‘Killer Karofsky’ Used ‘Magnetic Personality’ to Seduce Co-worker’s WifeAwkward.
  10. awkward
    Even People at CNBC Changed the Channel When Dennis Kneale’s Show Came On, Sad Anchor ReportsOh, dear.
  11. oh canada!
    Canadian University Warns Ann Coulter Not to Be Too Ann CoulterYou know, those mean things she says about particular religions and sexual orientations? She shouldn’t do that.
  12. their bad
    Bank of America: They Steal Parrots, Don’t They?Foreclosing on the wrong person’s house: bad. Taking their pet: worse.
  13. their bad
    Bank of America Accidentally Forecloses on the Wrong HouseOops.
  14. awkward
    AIG Executive Who Penned Dramatic Exit Letter Still Working ThereThat’s awkward.