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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

  1. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Finally Talks About the Iran Deal“I’m neither for nor against it.”
  2. Iran’s Ayatollah Tweeted an Open Letter to Western YouthSubtext: Don’t listen to the terrorists.
  3. international intrigue
    Obama Is Still Pen Pals With Iran’s Ayatollah KhameneiHe reportedly sent a “secret” letter to the leader about ISIS and nuclear talks.
  4. iranian intrigue
    Iran on American Hikers: We’ll Release Them, But on Second Thought No We Won’t, Oh Wait, Maybe We Will After AllBack-and-forth fate of hikers reveals infighting in Iran.
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    Iranian Men Must Remove Their Charm NecklacesTehran’s moral police are cracking down on jewelry.
  6. international intrigue
    Obama Gets Slightly Tougher on IranSatisfied, McCain?
  7. international intrigue
    Your Morning Iran-Unrest UpdateAyatollah Khamenei gives a big speech, Ahmadinejad tones it down, and Google and Facebook step up their efforts.