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    Deutsche Bank Tries to Rescue Its Good NameEver wonder what Deutsche Bank thinks about all of this anger over the deaths of firemen in the Deutsche Bank building? You know, because every news story refers to the dangerous hollowed-out edifice as “The Deutsche Bank Building” even though Deutsche Bank sold it in 2004? Well, guess what — Deutsche Bank hates it. We hear they’ve had publicists scrambling to contact news agencies who are covering the story and get them to refer to the building as 130 Liberty Street, or at least “the former Deutsche Bank building,” so that Deutsche Bank won’t keep being associated with the accidents there. One such journalist pointed out “that the name Deutsche Bank was like the Chrysler Building — no one cares if Chrysler is still in the building, it’s still called that.” Though, the Chrysler Building didn’t kill anybody lately. We sort of see Deutsche Bank’s point.