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Background Checks

  1. politics
    Could the Atlanta Spa Shootings Break Congress’s Gun-Control Impasse?The Georgia killings add fresh urgency to two gun bills that just passed in the House, but the GOP Senate filibuster still stands in the way.
  2. guns
    White House Circulating Gun Proposal That Trump May Not SupportThe NRA is already denouncing the gun background-check bill that nobody in the Trump administration will openly embrace.
  3. gun violence
    Texas Shooting Makes the Case for Background Checks But the GOP’s Not ListeningA House bill expanding background checks could have stopped the Texas shooter from buying a gun. Republicans are still unlikely to take it up.
  4. guns
    Walmart Cancels Handgun-Ammo Sales, Backs ‘Commonsense’ Gun LegislationThe nation’s largest retailer takes some small but possibly influential steps away from the lethal-weapons business.
  5. guns
    Republicans’ Love of Guns May Cost Them Votes in the SuburbsBeing a slave to the NRA is not the safest position to be in heading toward a 2020 election in which suburban voters are already leaning Democratic.
  6. CPAC Audience Lets Trump Know It Cares More About Guns Than Tax CutsIn a strange but revealing direct poll of his adoring audience, Trump finds confirmation that the culture war matters most.
  7. Trump’s Minor Gun Actions Are Probably All Congress Will AllowThe White House is rolling out tweaks to existing laws, but Republicans in Congress appear resistant to even the mildest gun-control measures.
  8. Trump Wants Armed Teachers and Universal Background ChecksIn a “listening session” on gun control, Trump floated some unhinged ideas along with some downright reasonable ones.
  9. Texas Republican Backs Bill That Would Bolster Gun RestrictionsJohn Cornyn doesn’t want new background check laws — but he does want to better enforce the ones we’ve got.
  10. military sexual assault
    Army Removes 588 Soldiers From Sensitive PositionsFive hundred eighty-nine if you count the guy in charge of the background checks.
  11. Frank Rich on the National Circus: The GOP Goes Benghazi on BostonPoliticizing tragedy before the manhunt was even over.
  12. Background-Check Expansion FailsThe Manchin-Toomey background-check expansion just lost. 
  13. gun control
    Gun-Rights Group Endorses Bill to Expand Background ChecksNot the group you’re thinking of.
  14. gun control
    Gabby Giffords’s Gun Group Helped Bring About Background-Check DealMore heartwarming than Toomey refusing to appear with Schumer.
  15. Jumanji’s Case for Expanding Background ChecksYou want Van Pelt to have a gun?
  16. early and awkard
    Toomey Refused to Appear With SchumerSmart move?
  17. Bipartisan Deal Expands Background Checks, But Doesn’t Make Them ‘Universal’It would cover gun shows and Internet sales. 
  18. Every Objection to Expanding Background Checks, DebunkedThere are zero good reasons not to expand background checks.
  19. Asa Hutchinson, Leader of NRA Task Force, Supports Expanding Background ChecksNRA says he doesn’t speak for the group.
  20. If You’re Against Background Checks, You’re For Killing Ronald ReaganFact.
  21. John Boehner Seems to Not Understand How Laws WorkParticularly background-check laws.
  22. gun control
    NRA Loses Friends Over Background Checks, Still Influences CongressEven the easy gun control bill is in peril.
  23. things that are scary
    FBI Ran a Record Number of Background Checks for Gun Owners in 2012Most of them in December.
  24. gun control
    Gun Background Checks Miss Millions of Mentally Ill PeopleMany states are barely reporting data.