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  1. republican party
    Is ‘Anti-Wokeness’ the New Ideology of the Republican Party?The sudden GOP obsession with “cancellation” suggests old-school conservatism may be displaced by cultural extremism that goes beyond Trump.
  2. coronavirus
    The Lockdown Backlash May Be the New Tea Party MovementFury at the lockdown, and unprecedented federal spending, is predictably on the rise. Trump may be tempted to assume leadership of the cause.
  3. past is prologue
    How the 1969 Mayoral Primary Changed New York City PoliticsLiberal icons in both the Republican and Democratic primaries both lost to conservatives, leading to a sea change in party politics.
  4. Trump Thrives in Small Towns That Are Becoming Less White in a HurryA new analysis finds that Trump won 80 percent of America’s most rapidly diversifying counties in the GOP primary.
  5. There Are New Signs That Trump Is Indeed Energizing DemocratsWho needs a robust GOTV operation when your enemy is as scary as Donald Trump?
  6. bad apple
    Here’s How to Delete That U2 Album You Didn’t Ask for From Your iTunesApple finally releases the instructions.
  7. mine under matter
    Chilean Miners Have Been Out for Two Days. Time for the Backlash!That was quick!
  8. white men who are accustomed to winning at life
    Why Is Jamie Dimon So Angry?Behind the JPMorgan CEO’s harsh words for the administration: hurt.
  9. really?
    Jamie Dimon’s Hissy FitThe J.P. Morgan CEO lashed out at the government’s “capricious, arbitrary and punitive behavior.”
  10. ipad
    Adding Up the Backlash Against the iPadFor once, will Apple’s hype and hubris come around to bite Steve Jobs in the ass?
  11. god bless youtube
    Gail Huff’s Curious Hand Is Making Life Difficult for Digney FignusThe musician has received a lot of attention over the wife of Scott Brown recently, and it’s not all good.
  12. the rage of the never rich
    Citigroup to Lay Off 65 Office CleanersSorry, guys! Citi blew all of its budget this year making millionaires more millionaire-y! Good luck feeding your kids, though.
  13. meaningful change
    Tropicana Admits Defeat, Scraps Crappy New DesignGrassroots change is still possible on the truly important issues of our time.