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    Here’s How to Delete That U2 Album You Didn’t Ask for From Your iTunesApple finally releases the instructions.
  2. bad apple
    Everyone Is Mad at Apple for Forcing Them to Download a U2 AlbumMaybe rethink that marketing stunt next time!
  3. bad apple
    Apple Still Prefers Being Profitable to Being InterestingYet another spectacle of heavy-breathing bloggers succumbing to a letdown.
  4. bad apple
    Hackers May Have Already Gotten Past the iPhone 5’s Fingerprint Sensor That was fast.
  5. bad apple
    World’s Worst Person Hires Homeless for iPhonesDefining a new low for civilization.
  6. bad apple
    Will Apple Touch ID Make Fingerprints Happen?Or will it flop like its predecessors?
  7. bad apple
    7 Underwhelming Things Apple Introduced TodayA Pandora clone, a R2D2 look-alike, and more.
  8. bad apple
    Someone Is About to Pay $200,000 for an Awkward Coffee Date With Apple’s CEOBut what will they talk about?
  9. bad apple
    Apple Likes Apple So Much It Decided to Buy SomeIt’s buying back a ton of stock.
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    Your iPhone Might Be Getting a ParachuteTo save it from breaking when dropped.
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    iGouge: How Variable Pricing Could Hurt AppleThe subtle danger of charging more to some.
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    David Einhorn Wins Right to Be Properly Ignored by AppleA judge blocked Apple’s shareholder vote on preferred stock.
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    Apple Is Getting Attacked for Having Too Much Cash#firstworldproblems
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    Wall Street Is Being Mean to Lil’ Old AppleAnd Silicon Valley won’t stand for it.
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    Burglar Who Broke Into Steve Jobs’s House Gets Seven YearsKariem McFarlin will be spending some time in prison.
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    Flawed Apple Maps Software Accidentally Leads Its Creator to JoblessvilleThe Apple executive who oversaw the Maps disaster has reportedly been fired.
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    Apple Disappoints Stock Market by Only Making Slightly More Money Than GodAnalysts had expected it to out-earn two gods.