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Bad Decisions

  1. bad decisions
    School Secretary Fined for Using City Funds to Live Out ‘Super Size Me’Of all the things to buy with embezzled money.
  2. bad teacher
    Ex-Teacher Rebuked for Having Students Send Christmas Cards to Prison InmateThe man was charged with possessing child pornography in 2008.
  3. happy halloween
    Foreclosure Mill Employees Wore the Worst Halloween Costumes Ever Last YearThey dressed as foreclosure victims.
  4. netflix
    Netflix Scraps Qwikster Split Before It Even StartedNever mind! Oops. Ha ha?
  5. bad decisions
    Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Cool Has Been Rejected by HarvardIs our country’s highest-rated university actually dumb?
  6. bad decisions
    Cabbie-Cum-Billionaire Guilty of Terrible DecoratingBest not to drape your yacht in $85,000 worth of endangered-species skins.