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Bad Education

  1. bad education
    Upper West Side Teacher Has Teens Write Suicide Notes for HomeworkDespite reports of similar assignments angering parents.
  2. bad education
    Bronx Teacher Allegedly Called Student a ‘Negro’They didn’t understand a word she said.
  3. racism
    Worst Teacher Ever Says She’s Too Racist to Have Molested Black StudentBut you can’t go to jail for racism.
  4. bad education
    Brooklyn Students Taught Awful Lesson on SnitchingStaffer says he was fired for reporting misconduct.
  5. bad education
    Harvard Hacks Deans’ E-Mail Accounts, Makes Cheating Scandal Even WorseRather than just talking with their employees.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Bronx High School of Science Coaches Suspended, But Students Shrug at HazingThe parents and administration are taking it seriously, not the kids.
  7. bad education
    Bronx High School of Science Has a Hazing Scandal on Its HandsThree track team members arrested.
  8. bad education
    NYC Teachers Give Fourth-Graders Math Problems About Dead Slaves, WhippingsMath homework gets more interesting, but not in a good way.
  9. labor issues
    Have You Made Alternate Travel Plans for Your School-Age Children?Schools chancellor says a bus driver strike is “not a matter of if but when.”
  10. bad education
    Staten Island Wants Armed Guards in SchoolsThe plan will never get approved.
  11. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Compares Teachers Union to NRAObviously, the teachers are not pleased.
  12. anderson school
    Dream Teacher Suspended for Giving Kids All A’sThe kids were probably fine with it.
  13. bad education
    School District Mad It Paid Someone Not to WorkUnlike teachers in rubber rooms, she chose to skip.
  14. bad education
    Teacher Urged Kids to Buy Homemade Soap in Wildly Unprofitable SchemeHe put his job on the line for about $24.
  15. bad education
    NYC Principal Would Prefer Google Results Please Stop Calling Him a PedophileEmployees of Norman Thomas High School are suing to identify who’s behind defamatory blogs.
  16. bad education
    Shocked Parents Find the Blue Man Group’s Educational Philosophy ‘Unstructured’You don’t say?
  17. kids today
    Stuyvesant Students Really Know How to Sell ‘Slutty Wednesday’ ProtestThey’re fighting against an unjust dress code.
  18. the future is coming
    Peter Thiel Just Named the Lucky 24 Kids He’s Paying $100,000 to Stay Away From CollegeThe man with two degrees from Stanford pays kids not to go to school.
  19. school daze
    What’s Your Major Worth in the Job Market?Petroleum engineering majors make the most, counseling psychology majors the least.
  20. school daze
    New York City’s Answer to Evaluating Teachers: More Standardized Tests for StudentsBecause standardized testing has worked so well in New York City in the past.
  21. school daze
    Liberal Arts Degrees Probably Aren’t Worth the Student DebtSorry, ethnomusicologists!
  22. school daze
    We Are Raising a Nation of FoolsA third of college graduates learn nothing.
  23. bad education
    Sorry, How Well Teachers Perform Doesn’t Count As ‘Private’ InformationAccording to the state Supreme Court.
  24. ink-stained wretches
    Queens Dad Doesn’t Want to Offend the Post, But They Got the Wrong Op in His Op-EdThe ‘Post’ may have substituted its opinion for Brian Rafferty’s.
  25. bad education
    New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein Takes Credit for the Work of Asian ParentsNot so fast, chancellor.
  26. bad education
    13-Year-Old Alexa Gonzalez: Poster Child for Unfair Student ArrestsGonzalez was handcuffed and escorted out of school for doodling on her social-studies desk.
  27. bad education
    Laid-off Teachers Show Lack of Initiative When It Comes to Finding JobsSomeone’s getting sent to the guidance counselor.
  28. bad education
    Schools Hoard $10 Billion Stimulus to Rehire Teachers“We can’t treat this money as if it’s a supplement to a jobs bill.”
  29. bad education
    Mayor Bloomberg’s Claims About Closing the Racial Achievement Gap Prove False“The claims were based on some bad information.”
  30. spies like us
    Queens High School Superintendent and Principal Live Out Plot of Lifetime MovieThere’s spying involved. Sexy spying!
  31. bad education
    Happy With the Results of the Goose Genocide, Officials Massacre Perfectly Good FurnitureDespite budget woes, one school lines up expensive furniture for the slaughter.
  32. bad education
    Graduates Lack Basic Skills, and So Do the Companies Hired to Turn That AroundGraduation rates are up, but is anyone learning anything?
  33. bad education
    How Your Elite-Public-School Sausage Gets MadeGood luck getting into Hunter College High School, students who aren’t white or Asian.