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Bad Ideas

  1. Woman Arrested for DUI Just Wanted Some Pizza“Police say the Dominos Web site was loaded on her phone’s Web browser.”
  2. bad ideas
    Mail Carrier Actually Mail Hoarder That’s a lot of undelivered mail.
  3. bad ideas
    Teacher Resigns After Telling Students She Wants to Program Robots to Kill ThemWhat’s the big deal?
  4. bad ideas
    Maybe Don’t Wear Shirts With ‘ISIS’ on Them, Especially While FlyingNot the brightest idea.
  5. bad ideas
    Lawyer Suspended for Photoshopping Herself Into Dozens of Celebrity PicturesYou mean she doesn’t know Fran Drescher?
  6. bad ideas
    American Man Tries to Swim to North Korea to Chill With Kim Jong-un… Dennis Rodman?
  7. bad ideas
    Urban Outfitters Kent State Sweatshirt on eBay“I’m gonna give 50% of the profit to The Southern Poverty Law Center.”
  8. Teen Petitions School for Cat Yearbook PhotoYou’re gonna regret this, kid.
  9. bad ideas
    Teen Remembers Beloved Pet Rat by Turning Its Dead Body Into a HelicopterThe best way to solve this city’s rat problem is to turn them into helicopters.
  10. bad ideas
    Columbia Cancels Concert, Solves Campus Assault“We feel strongly that this is a band-aid, not a solution, in the fight against sexual assault on Columbia’s campus.”
  11. bad ideas
    New York Beachgoers Fail to Appreciate Nazi Symbol BannerA good way to ruin a sunny day.
  12. bad ideas
    White House Ditches Bowling Alley RenovationsJust hours after soliciting bids. Someone messed up.
  13. bad ideas
    Obama Caricature Becomes Urinal Cake at Faith and Freedom ConferenceToday in poor taste.
  14. horrible racists
    Donald Sterling Showed Up to a Black Church Service: The Awkward PhotosWhy, Donald Sterling? Just … why?
  15. neighborhood news
    New Hostel Changes Domestic Violence Room Names“I just don’t want to offend anyone,” said the owner.
  16. bad ideas
    Throwing Things Over the White House Fence Still Not AllowedTwo people were taken into custody and the building was locked down for the second time in three days.
  17. bad ideas
    Columbia Served Sexual Violence Prevention CakeUnsurprisingly, no one ate it and it was promptly removed.
  18. new jersey man
    What’s Worse Than Blowing $135,000 at a Strip Club?Using the credit card you share with your father.
  19. unhappy employees
    Court Reporter Wrote ‘I Hate My Job’One way to get the point across.
  20. bad ideas
    George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Boxing Match Has Been Canceled This is probably for the best.
  21. the bitcoin economy
    The Winklevoss Twins Are Starting a Bitcoin FundIf that’s your kind of thing.
  22. bad ideas
    Man Mails White Powder, InnocentlyOops.
  23. bad ideas
    Father of ‘Adolf Hitler’ Fights for Custody in Nazi UniformGood luck with that.
  24. goldman gods
    Goldman Sachs Invests in Innovative Web-Based Muppet FactoryYou, too, can lose money buying stocks!
  25. bad ideas
    Guantanamo-Themed Coachella Party Offers ‘Pleasurable Torture’ [Updated]Start your outrage engines.
  26. bad ideas
    School Field Trip to Shooting Simulator Frowned UponToo soon.
  27. photo op
    Standing on a Frozen Pond: Still DangerousTwo people were rescued from Central Park today after falling into the frozen pond.
  28. bad ideas
    Very Patriotic Man Arrested for Climbing Sunken Sandy Roller CoasterHe “did it for America.”
  29. hurricane sandy
    Sunken Roller Coaster Will Not Remain As a Shrine to Death and DestructionThe mayor of Seaside Heights regrets his idea.
  30. technology
    Teens Are Supposedly Showing Each Other Their Passwords, All Willy-NillyIt’s like sex, but stupider.
  31. bad ideas
    NYC Gym Offering 9/11 DealRead the fine print!
  32. bad ideas
    Obama Impersonator Asked to Leave Stage at Republican Leadership ConferenceEven Republicans didn’t find the Obama impersonator funny.
  33. bad ideas
    Meet Another Contender for the Worst Mother in the WorldBecause 8-year-olds shouldn’t even know what Botox is.
  34. bad ideas
    New Hero: California Woman Survives a 35-Mile Ride on the Hood of a MinivanCalifornia is quickly gaining on Florida in crazy-making.
  35. ballsy crime
    ‘Wall Street Warrior’ Guy de Chimay Used Client Funds to Pay for Divorce, Hamptons MansionSo alleges the SEC, gleefully.
  36. bad ideas
    CBS Encourages People to Give the Gift of a Pap SmearThat’s probably not a good idea.
  37. Newt Gingrich Will Reenact a Revolutionary War Battle on TwitterThis should be interesting.
  38. bad ideas
    Lower Manhattan Flyover Photos Won’t Be ReleasedApparently, these publicity photos have outlived their usefulness.
  39. bad ideas
    Brooklyn Steppers Leader Accused of Sexual Relations With Band MemberHe says he’s innocent; 2,999 texts in one month, and a lot of other damning evidence, say otherwise.
  40. bad ideas
    FAA Not Oblivious, Just IndifferentMemo shows the FAA knew the White House photo op would freak people out.
  41. bad ideas
    Everybody’s Furious Over the White House’s Plane DebacleDoesn’t anyone in the White House know how to use Photoshop?
  42. bad ideas
    Low-Flying Plane Causes Mild Freak-outBuildings were evacuated downtown after planes and fighter jets were seen circling the city.
  43. terrorists of the sky
    Scientists’ Bird-Tracking Program Doomed to FailSure, let’s just hand some high-tech equipment over to the terrorists. Unbelievable.