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Bad Luck

  1. sad things
    Explorer Dies Just Before He Was About to Finish Solo Trek Across AntarcticaHe was 30 miles from the end. 
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Shot 15 Minutes After Serving 15 Years in PrisonFor “snitching,” but he survived to snitch again.
  3. bad luck
    One Guy Witnessed Boston Bombing and Texas BlastNobody wants him around now.
  4. dwarf economic index
    St. Patrick’s Day Dwarf Hiring Spree Indicates Financial Sector Back in the Swing of ThingsThe return of the Dwarf Economic Index.
  5. the daily intel dwarf economic index
    Dwarf Activity Suggests U.K. Economy Getting Back on TrackA British investment bank seeks to hire dwarfs.
  6. economic indicators
    Dwarf for Hire: ‘Life Is Good’Introducing the Daily Intel Dwarf Economic Index.
  7. bad luck charms
    Wall Street’s Relationship With Dwarves: A Short HistoryIt’s all fun and games until you hire a little person.
  8. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google Is Having a Pretty Crappy Friday the 13thPeople have a lot of bones to pick with you, Google.