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  1. One Dead After Shooting at Subway Entrance Near Penn StationPolice are still searching for the gunman.
  2. 2016
    Voting Machines Are Getting AncientWhich means that the 2016 election could get messy unless states splurge on new vote counters.
  3. bad news
    The American Economy Is Really Into the Nineties Nostalgia TrendNot the bubblegum-pop era. More like the sad, grungy times.
  4. the economy
    By the Way, Congress, Even Without the Debt Ceiling Raise, the Economy Is Shriveling on the VineSome bad numbers came out today.
  5. jobs jobs jobs
    Hiring Slows Even Further, Unemployment Rises to 9.2 PercentThat’s up from 9.1 percent last month.
  6. economy
    The Economy Grew at a Rate of 1.8 Percent Last Quarter, Slower Than ExpectedBut Obama released his birth certificate!
  7. bad news
    Man Hears Bad News About Mother, Shoots Doctor, Mother, HimselfThe doctor is expected to survive.
  8. business
    Number of New Jobless Claims Edges DownLess than 500,000 new people joined the unemployment line last week! (That’s still pretty bad.)
  9. eek
    OMB Predicts Ten-Year Deficit Will Be $9 TrillionThat’s roughly $2 trillion more than they predicted in May.
  10. the greatest depression
    U.S. Unemployment Reaches 9.5 PercentLast month, the American economy dropped 467,000 jobs.