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Bad Smells

  1. The History of That New York Street Smell, From Manure to MarijuanaSeveral centuries of “Jeez, what is that?”
  2. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Reveals Cause of the Myrtle-Wyckoff SmellOf course it’s sewage.
  3. The Smell Map of Gowanus Is HereSo glad they didn’t map my bedroom. 
  4. bad smells
    Authorities Haven’t Found Origin of ‘God Awful’ Smell in Staten Island“It smelled like crabs and tuna in the South Beach area and Kmart Shopping Plaza.” 
  5. trash talk
    NYC’s Composting Program Is Too Trashy for Most FacilitiesThe main plant that processed waste from the composting program has been shut down, leaving the city with few options.