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  1. Todd Palin Reportedly Injured in ‘Serious’ Snowmobile CrashSarah Palin dropped out of her Trump appearances in Florida, though she will reportedly stop by one town hall on her way back to Alaska. 
  2. scary things
    6-Year-Old Falls Down Manhole in New York CityIn related news, please watch out for manholes without covers while the plows are out in full force.
  3. bad things
    Huge Fire Sweeps Through Hotel Near World’s Tallest Building in DubaiThe New Year’s Eve festivities are supposed to proceed as planned. 
  4. bad things
    One Dead, One Injured After Midtown Roof Collapses Additional victims are still pinned under the rubble in the West 38th Street building.
  5. Little League Treasurer Charged With Stealing $90,000 From KidsHe spent nearly $3,000 to get his car fixed.  
  6. bad things
    Obama Administration Says Russia Violated Cold War–Era TreatyThis comes on top of increased sanctions from the U.S. and European Union.
  7. international affairs
    ‘Jews Can’t Stop’ Is the Worst Miley Cyrus Parody Video Yet It’s about Israeli settlers.
  8. bad things
    Truck Containing Radioactive ‘Dirty Bomb’ Material Stolen in Mexico [Updated]No es bueno. 
  9. bad things
    Hundreds of Prisoners Escaped From Abu Ghraib During Violent RaidMany were reportedly senior Al Qaeda officials.
  10. nuclear power
    Natural Disasters Affect Nuclear Plants in America, TooBecause Nebraska wasn’t busy enough dealing with flood waters.
  11. bad things
    Report: Two American Soldiers Killed in Military Bus Skirmish in GermanyDetails so far are hazy.
  12. bad things
    College Student Slashes Dean’s Throat Before Governor’s Press ConferenceStudents at the school claim the slasher has “demonic tattoos” and “had written symbols on a wall poster” earlier in the day.
  13. blog-stained wretches
    Gawker Editor Pleads Guilty to Assault HarassmentRichard Blakeley, the Gawker video editor who was arrested last year for domestic violence, pleaded guilty.
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    Several Sketchy People Were Revealed to Have Done Bad Things TodayJust like every other day.
  15. accidents
    Staten Island Ferry Crash Injures FifteenEarly yesterday evening the ferry, carrying around 750 commuters, slammed into the dock at St. George after suddenly losing power.