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Ballsy Crime

  1. bad cops
    Cop Gets 20 Years for Robbing Gangs, Threatening KidsA real-life ‘Bad Lieutenant.’
  2. ballsy crime
    Homeless Woman Attempts to Hold Up Arizona Dairy QueenShe took out a grenade after ordering soft-serve.
  3. ballsy crime
    Art-Savvy Burglars Steal ‘A Gallery’s Worth’ of Pop Art From Wealthy ManhattaniteAnd they got away with it.
  4. ballsy crime
    Man in Bernie Madoff Costume Robs BankThis is either a coincidence or a thief with a good sense of humor.
  5. ballsy crime
    Raj Rajaratnam Seemed ‘Relaxed’ at Pretrial HearingSuspicious.
  6. ballsy crime
    Insider Trader Gives Masa Four Stars“It was the most, you know, exquisite dinner, sushi dinner I’ve ever had,” Stephanou testified.
  7. ballsy crime
    Cancer-Faking Grifter Turns Herself InKirilow told the ‘Star’ she was sorry and wanted to pay the money back, adding she “can’t possibly give it back to every single person, but I can give it to charity.”
  8. ballsy crime
    The Hippie GrifterCancer made Ashley Anne Kirilow popular. Until people found out she was faking it.
  9. ballsy crime
    Larry Salander Will Not See Fine Art for a Long TimeThe art dealer heads to jail.
  10. ballsy crime
    Man In Darth Vader Costume Robs Long Island BankLoses points for the camouflage pants.
  11. ballsy crime
    Robbing Banks With Bouquets: Ultimately UnsuccessfulHe said it with flowers, and then he got cuffed.
  12. ballsy crime
    Soho Dandy Josef Von Habsburg-Lothringen Carried a Cordless Hair Dryer ‘Like a Gun’And that’s not even the weirdest thing about him.
  13. ballsy crime
    Lady Ponzi Schemer Adds Insult to Injury by Squandering Ill-Gotten GainsShe didn’t even buy fun stuff.
  14. ballsy crime
    ‘Wall Street Warrior’ Guy de Chimay Used Client Funds to Pay for Divorce, Hamptons MansionSo alleges the SEC, gleefully.
  15. ballsy crime
    Even After Marrying a Man Who Made Millions, Diane Passage Continued Pole DancingAt least accused Ponzi schemer Ken Starr’s wife had a strong work ethic.
  16. ballsy crime
    Bumbling Disney Employees Imagineer Insider-Trading Scheme“What would you suggest I do. If I could wave my magic wand and give you what you want, I would.”
  17. ballsy crime
    New York Ponzi Schemers Spent Ill-gotten Gains on a ‘Sexually Themed Cruise’How else would they celebrate?
  18. ballsy crime
    The SEC Will Never Squeeze Anything From the StonesJeffrey Stone says he has “no intention of ever paying” the regulators who accused him of running a pump-and-dump scheme.
  19. ballsy crime
    Breaking: Some Psychics May Be Frauds“Intuitive psychic” Laura Day is the latest soothsayer to be accused of unsavory behavior.
  20. ballsy crime
    Chris Orsaris Stole $7 Million in Order to Fund the DreamAnd the dream, in his case, involved a yacht named “Blow Me.”
  21. ballsy crime
    Friendly Robber Wishes Victims WellNot all robbers are bad people, it turns out.
  22. ballsy crime
    Depressed Thieves Steal $70 Million Worth of ProzacAt least, we assume they were depressed. Why else would they have turned to a life of crime?
  23. ballsy crime
    Park Avenue Bank CEO Wanted to Use TARP Money to Fund a ‘Lavish Lifestyle’Now he is wearing track pants in jail.
  24. ballsy crime
    ‘Malaysian Minister of Finance II of Malaysia’ Is ‘Real Sorry’ About Bernie MadoffAccording to awesome fake website.
  25. ballsy crime
    ‘Psychic’ Investment Adviser Charged With FraudTurns out he cannot actually predict the future.
  26. ballsy crime
    A Sign Your Hedge-Fund Manager May Be Committing FraudHe purchases a custom-designed Lamborghini with a rhinestone-bedazzled logo.
  27. ballsy crime
    Rabbi Accused of Trying to Extort Millions From Mysterious ‘Connecticut Hedge Fund’Hmmm, which one, we wonder?
  28. ballsy crime
    Worst One-Night Stand EverAn anonymous encounter goes bad.
  29. ballsy crime
    Woman Who Glued Man’s Penis to His Stomach Admits She ‘Overreacted’Her bad.
  30. ballsy crime
    McKinsey Employee Pleads Guilty in Galleon CaseSad Anil Kumar “choked up and wept” as he apologized for insider trading.
  31. ballsy crime
    Raj Rajaratnam’s Insider Trading Was Worse Than Anyone ThoughtWe hope he enjoyed the dwarfs, because the rest of his life is going to suck.
  32. ballsy crime
    Raj Rajaratnam and Danielle Chiesi Plead Not Guilty to Insider TradingBut one of them is guilty, at least, of being sultry in the first degree!
  33. ballsy crime
    Bernie Kerik’s Bangin’ New BodThe former police commissioner has been beefing up in preparation for prison.
  34. ballsy crime
    Criminal Charges Filed Against Galleon Founder, AccompliceRaj Rajaratnam and Danielle Chiesi are indicted.
  35. ballsy crime
    Rajaratnam’s Brother’s Hedge Fund Was Also Being Investigated by the SECIt’s a family affair!
  36. ballsy crime
    Forget Everything You’ve Heard: Raj Rajaratnam Never Traded on Inside InformationThe Galleon founder’s lawyers reject insider-trading charges on the grounds that he was improperly wiretapped.
  37. ballsy crime
    Analyst Who Fed Raj Rajaratnam Inside Information Was a Total CougarOr was, until she was indicted.
  38. ballsy crime
    The Life and Loves of Danny PangDanny Pang conducted romantic as well as financial fraud.
  39. ballsy crime
    How to Tell You’ve Gone Too Far With Your Financial FraudSEC enforcement director spells it out for the people at home.
  40. ballsy crime
    ‘Octopussy’ is Just the Tip of the Galleon Nickname IcebergA whole creepy cast of characters including the Greek and someone who went by the code name Artie were involved.
  41. ballsy crime
    Bernie Kerik Pleads GuiltyThe former New York City police commissioner will likely go away for three years.
  42. ballsy crime
    Fourteen Arrested for Insider Trading (Updated)The ringleader was known to the SEC as “Octopussy.”
  43. ballsy crime
    Raj Rajaratnam Would Never Abandon All That Sweet Real Estate Just to Avoid Prison“The idea that Mr. Rajaratnam would simply abandon those properties … is neither realistic nor credible.”
  44. ballsy crime
    Raj Rajaratnam Enjoyed a Little Spandex Show From Time to TimeWhat? It was RESEARCH.
  45. ballsy crime
    Before He Was Arrested for Insider Trading, Bob Was the Most Fun Guy at the OfficeThe IBM executive arrested for giving tips to the Galleon Group was known for his fun outfits and office games.
  46. ballsy crime
    Rajaratnam Gave Lots of Money to the Tamil TigersThis isn’t going to end well.
  47. ballsy crime
    Hedge-Funder Raj Rajaratnam Got Cranky When People Refused to Partake in His Insider-Trading SchemeRaj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of New York–based hedge fund Galleon Group, has been arrested. Things look pretty bad.
  48. ballsy crime
    Buy Sam Israel’s Getaway WheelsAnother piece of financial-fraud history is yours for the taking.
  49. ballsy crime
    Marcus Schrenker Wants to Tell You How He Really FeelsThe would-be financial fugitive plans to write a memoir.
  50. ballsy crime
    Ronald Tackman Caught!The real-life Keyser Söze is back in custody.
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