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    Ronald Tackman Is Basically Keyser SozeThe escaped con currently on the lam is “a legend” in the crime community.
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    Marc Dreier Blames 9/11 and Real-estate Envy for Making Him a Criminal“I wanted to be happy again,” the lawyer explains of why he started a $380 million Ponzi scheme.
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    Danny Pang Dies As Mysteriously As He LivedThe California financier, accused of running an $83 million Ponzi scheme, has died.
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    Hassan Nemazee Fooled Banks TwiceAt least!
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    Death-Faking Money Manager’s Friends and Family Hate Him, TooThings are about to get even more embarrassing for Marcus Schrenker, if possible.
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    Would-be Fugitive Marcus Schrenker Thoroughly Humiliated at SentencingAlso, he was sentenced to four years in prison.
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    Identity Thief Apparently a Big Fan of Seinfeld, 50 CentThe work of the man arrested for stealing data from 130 million credit-card accounts is rife with pop-culture references.
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    Ex–Credit Suisse Broker Cries After Being Found Guilty of Securities FraudEric Butler appeared “shocked” he would be going to jail for crimes he committed.
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    Shocking: Bernie Madoff Cheated On His WifeA new book reveals “intimate descriptions” of the Ponzi-schemer.
  10. The Idea That Danny Pang Would Have A Secret Girlfriend Is Just OutrageousHow the SEC could suggest a thing is beyond his lawyers’ comprehension.
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    Danny Pang Believes Himself to Be InnocentAll he did was make some administrative assistants happy.
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    Sexy Camisole Found in Marc Dreier’s ApartmentSomeone was getting some action on penthouse arrest.
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    Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Marc DreierA half-eaten raspberry-peach pie, seven pairs of shoes, and a sign reading “Welcome to the Dreier Residence” go on sale today at the Bloomberg building.
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    Chase Employee Who Stole $110,000 From Client Was Delightfully QuirkyRobin Katz: a “sexy,” “kinda kooky” felon.
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    Judge Gives Marc Dreier Twenty Years, Hits Him Where It Hurts“He is no Mr. Madoff by any estimation.”
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    Trader Accused of $140 Million Fraud Always Came Across As Highly PrincipledThe whole cocaine-and-SEC-investigations thing aside.
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    Marc Dreier: ‘I Just Lost My Mind’Disgraced lawyer says he started $400 million Ponzi scheme because he was “overwhelmed by the anxieties of life.”
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    Sergey Aleynikov Is Out on Bail But Not Off the HookAnd there are a few things that bug us about the story of the former Goldman Sachs vice-president who was arrested for stealing proprietary information.
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    Sergey Aleynikov Should Have Stuck With Ballroom DancingA former vice-president of Goldman Sachs, arrested for stealing proprietary information, is not as sure-footed behind the computer as he is on the dance floor.
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    Danny Pang Took $83 Million From His FirmHe distributed it to his wife, his bookie, and some plump, happy office assistants.
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    Another Ponzi Schemer Pleads Guilty to $30 Million Fraud, Is SorryEdward Stein, a Long Island–based financial adviser, took money from grandmas, etc.
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    Robert Allen Stanford IndictedThe flamboyant Texas financier, accused of running a Ponzi scheme, has surrendered to authorities.
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    Accused Ponzi Schemer Has a Body Count“He probably had enough heads to fill a semi-truck.”
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    Alleged Felon Stephanie Sabouni Already Has Her Media Strategy Planned OutThe 27-year-old child-services worker, arrested yesterday for fabricating reports, is already thinking about what she’ll say once she gets on national television.
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    Marc Dreier Has Joined the Group ‘Most Egregious Frauds in History’The New York lawyer pleads guilty to a $700 million fraud, and gains admittance to the last elite club that will have him.
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    Alleged Fraudster Danny Pang Was Kind of an Awesome BossCalifornia financier Danny Pang has been accused of many bad things, but being boring is not one of them.
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    Robert Allen Stanford Bravely Surrenders to Uninterested FedsThe accused Ponzi schemer bravely reported to jail, despite the fact that there was no warrant for his arrest
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    Danny Pang Is on Stucco ArrestThe California financier, accused of fraud, does not have it quite as good as Bernie Madoff.
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    Where in the World Did Scarsdale’s Theresa Tambunting Hide 800 Pounds of Gold?And how did nobody notice?
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    FBI Arrests Danny PangThe California financier heads to the big house.
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    Danny Pang’s ‘Religious Pilgrimage’ Interrupted by SEC Fraud ChargesThe California financier has been charged with fraud, but it seems he is indisposed at the moment.
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    And the Title for Most Insane Alleged Fraud of 2009 (So Far) Goes To…Danny Pang! What a guy!
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    Report: Criminal Complaint Issued for Robert Allen Stanford?The walls may finally be closing in on the $8 billion man.
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    Greenwich Fund Managers Used Stolen Money to Buy HorsesWhat is the world coming to?
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    FBI’s Interaction With R. Allen Stanford Actually Kind of Pleasant, BlandThe “man hunt” for the Texas financier ended with a handshake, not handcuffs.
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    Report: R. Allen Stanford FoundThe suspected fraudster was reportedly tracked down in Virginia by the FBI.
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    R. Allen Stanford ‘a Bit Different From the Average Chap’Our mustachioed protagonist is still missing, but in his absence, we’ve learned a little more about his personality.
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    Signs That Robert Allen Stanford Is Probably Guilty of an $8 Billion FraudDespite the mustache, we were going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Until today.
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    Christopher Warren’s Boots Were Definitely Not Made for WalkingThey are too packed with metal and cash!
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    Today in Inappropriate Teacher BehaviorA fifth-grade teacher in Brooklyn was fined by the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board today.
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    Judge Approves Triplex Arrest for Marc DreierThe lawyer’s move back home comes with a lot of restrictions — but you can still call him!
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    It’s Always the Quiet OnesA 75-year-old hedge-fund manager goes missing on the day he is supposed to produce $50 million.
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    Whoever Stole the Huge Statue Out of Bernie Madoff’s Backyard Is AwesomeAlso, strong!
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    Chef Goes on Shopping Spree With Boyfriend’s Credit CardSpends $361,000 on dog-walking, personal shopping.