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  1. what we know
    How the U.S. Is Trying to Stave Off a Banking System CrisisAmid the threat of additional bank runs in the aftermath of SVB’s collapse, regulators have taken dramatic action to prevent a panic.
  2. the left
    The War on CashCash payments are on the wane, and that’s probably a bad thing.
  3. the top line
    What Morgan Stanley Is Getting by Buying E-TradeThe lesson here for retail-brokerage clients is to figure out whether they are keeping too much money in cash.
  4. This Wearable Will Electrically Shock You Into Spending Less Money, MaybeThe future is now. And it’s painful.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    DOJ Says Banks Needn’t Rat on Their Legal Pot Customers As MuchBut will they do business with them?
  6. big trouble
    The United States Wants Bank of America to Pay $864 Million in Penalties For selling defective loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  7. liborgate
    Liborgate Report Lambasts Former Barclays CEO for Withholding DetailsBob Diamond was “highly selective” when it came to sharing information about the rate-setting scandal.
  8. banking
    Vikram Pandit Gets Paid Too Much, Say Citigroup ShareholdersThey voted against an executive-compensation proposal.
  9. money
    Banks Determined to Sneak in New FeesBank of America customers are going to pay more eventually.
  10. white men with slightly less money
    Bank of America Pay Will Indeed Drop SharplySalary and bonus pay will drop around 25 percent.
  11. white men with money
    Goldman Sachs Bonus Day Is a ‘Bloodbath,’ But Not LiterallyEmployees are not thrilled!
  12. white men with slightly less money
    Wall Street Bonuses Will Be Way DownAll indications point to the lowest levels of compensation since 2008.
  13. banking
    Regulators Warn Bank of America to Get StrongerOr else.
  14. money
    Bank Fees Are Hiding EverywhereThey have to earn money somehow.
  15. banking
    Debit Card Fees on Hold at Bank of America, Chase, and Wells FargoEnjoy the extra $5 a month while it lasts.
  16. bons mots
    BofA CEO: Banking After the Mortage Crisis Is Like Fighting in a War Before Weapons“It’s a day-to-day, hand-to-hand combat.”
  17. international intrigue
    Hong Kong’s Banking Industry Is ‘Buried in White Powder,’ But Only on the Weekend“First they get the cocaine, then the girls, then the jeroboams of champagne.”
  18. the federal reserve
    Columbia President Lee Bollinger to Run New York FedHe’ll start January 1.
  19. staying calm
    Goldman Stays ‘Chill’ As Market CrashesAlso, Citi says it’s not to blame.
  20. their bad
    Report: Stock-Market Plunge May Have Been Caused by Idiot Citigroup TraderA trader may have entered a “b” for billion instead of an “m” for million in a trade, messing up global markets.
  21. made-off
    Madoff’s ‘Woman in Austria’ Goes Into HidingFear of Russian oligarchs may have driven Bank Medici founder — and onetime New Yorker — Sonja Kohn underground.