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  1. the money game
    Shane Smith Has a Secret Multimillion-Dollar Vice DealThe co-founder’s quiet current role as Vice’s big dealmaker means he is unlikely to leave anytime soon.
  2. coronavirus
    Household-Name Companies That Have Filed for Bankruptcy Because of CoronavirusLord & Taylor is the latest. Here are the rest.
  3. coronavirus stimulus
    McConnell Calls General Relief for States ‘Blue-State Bailouts’Once Republicans favored no-strings aid to states and localities. Amid a pandemic, they fear too much good might be done.
  4. business
    It Was Sears’s Time to GoThe retailer completed the circle of corporate life: it made lots of money for a long time, then competitors with different skills took its place.
  5. 1988 Was One of the Most Disastrously Insane Years in Donald Trump’s LifeIt wasn’t his best year for making deals.
  6. international intrigue
    Draft of Puerto Rico Rescue Bill Released; No One Likes ItThe plan to fix Puerto Rico’s $70 billion debt isn’t going so well.
  7. Did Wall Street Buy This Vote From Clinton?In a 2004 interview, Elizabeth Warren suggested that the financial industry influenced Clinton’s flip-flop on bankruptcy reform.
  8. moving on up
    Detroit to Finally Get Out of BankruptcyThe emergency manager is also stepping down.
  9. print is dead
    Reader’s Digest Files For Bankruptcy (Again)It needs to shed nearly half a billion dollars in debt.
  10. Hedge-Funder Philip Falcone’s Big Wireless Bet Goes BustLightSquared has filed for bankruptcy.
  11. eye of newt
    Gingrich Health-Care Think Tank Files for BankruptcyNo Gingrich. No chance.
  12. Eastman Kodak’s Slow-Developing Bankruptcy MomentAll that’s left is an Instagram filter.
  13. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Knew About Missing Money, Claims Senate WitnessThat’s not what Corzine says.
  14. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Personally Pushed Big MF Global BetsThe former U.S. senator and CEO loves a gamble.
  15. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Called to Explain MF Global’s Failure to CongressThe ex-New Jersey governor has been subpoenaed.
  16. bankruptcy
    American Airlines Files for BankruptcyEveryone was doing it.
  17. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine, Seven Banks Sued for MF Global CollapseNot all customers have their cash back.
  18. not too big to fail
    Jon Corzine Almost Had a Deal to Salvage MF GlobalToo bad $630 million was missing.
  19. sam zell
    Tribune Lenders Expected to File Lawsuit Against Sam Zell by MidnightThe suit will allege that Zell’s leveraged buyout made the company go broke.
  20. hellivision
    Sonja Morgan Files for Bankruptcy“Satchels of gold!”
  21. white men with money
    Sam Zell Really, Really Promises That He’ll Go AwayThe man responsible for the fate of the Tribune Company promises to leave the company.
  22. mine under matter
    Chilean Miners Might Not Get Paid While They’re Trapped UndergroundHow will the workers get paid if the mining company declares bankruptcy?
  23. made-off
    Madoff Bankruptcy Trustee Drops One Claim Against Merkin, Eleven RemainJ. Ezra Merkin’s funds are still getting sued for $564.6 million, but some of that money will have to come from the funds that lost it all.
  24. scenes from a meltdown
    CIT Finally Files for BankruptcyTaxpayers can kiss their $2.3 billion goodbye.
  25. the greatest depression
    Stephen Baldwin Files for BankruptcyThe actor’s financial worries make us feel bad for him, but good about ourselves.
  26. the hotties of the fi-cri
    Bankruptcy HotMore fodder for our upcoming Hotties of the Fi-Cri calendar.
  27. it just happened
    Air America Declares Bankruptcy; Dog Bites ManAP is reporting — and CNN is giving top placement to — what is likely the least surprising news you’ll read all week: NEW YORK (AP) – Air America Radio, a liberal talk and news radio network that features the comedian Al Franken, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a network official told The AP. It’s like an anniversary present to Republicans, whose let’s-make-it-harder-to-declare-bankruptcy bankruptcy reform went into effect a year ago next week. Air America Radio Files Chapter 11 [CNN.com]