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  1. food fight
    New York Foie Gras Producers React to Ban: ‘The Law Is So Completely Screwed Up’“It won’t ever be enforced.”
  2. Smoking Will Be Banned in Public Housing Across the U.S.The rules are supposed to go in effect in early 2017, though housing agencies will have time to adjust.
  3. feature
    The Ban on Plastic Bags vs. the Ban on Bag BansThe fight is about a lot more than how to get groceries home.
  4. bans
    Federal Employees One Step Closer to Being Banned From Watching Porn at WorkBummer for them.
  5. debates
    Why Banning Gay Men From Donating Blood Is Dumb and WrongRather than singling out one group, all those who engage in at-risk behavior should be scrutinized. 
  6. smokin’!
    ‘Vaping’ Is Now As Inconvenient As Smoking New York’s e-cigarette ban begins today.
  7. smokin’!
    Now You’ll Have to Freeze Your Fingers Off for an E-Cigarette, TooBan voted in just in time for winter.
  8. bans
    Smoking Banned on Train Platforms TooNew Yorkers’ habits have been limited again.
  9. pink-stained wretches
    Observer Reporter Goes Wild, Tries Smoking in Several Newly Smoke-Free ParksTurns out, cops were pretty nice about it.
  10. smoking
    New York’s Smoking Ban to Hit the Out-of-DoorsNo more lighting up in Central Park or Times Square.