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  1. media
    Let’s Have a Real Conversation About Barbara WaltersSeventeen leading broadcasters on her legacy and making their way in the world she made.
  2. remembrance
    Barbara Walters’s Superpower Was FairnessShe made subjects believe they were getting an open-minded hearing — and that made them talk.
  3. super classy
    Trump’s Year, Told in Barbara Walters Questions“If you lose the Republican nomination, are you a loser?”
  4. horrible racists
    Shelly Sterling Says She’ll Part With Donald, But Not the Clippers [UPDATED]She says she plans to divorce “eventually.”
  5. everyone’s a critic
    Barbara Walters Is Not Impressed With Former RT Anchor Liz Wahl“Don’t make her a hero.”
  6. leaks
    Snowden Was Nearly 2013’s Most Fascinating PersonHe is slightly more important than Kimye.
  7. tv-stained wretches
    Katie Couric May Be The View’s New Barbara WaltersAs her talk show’s days are numbered.
  8. tv-stained wretches
    Barbara Walters Plans to Retire Next Summer, for RealShe’ll make it official on The View Monday.
  9. media
    Barbara Walters Will Retire, EventuallyProbably May of 2014.
  10. get well soon
    Don’t Expect to See Barbara Walters During Inauguration Coverage TomorrowShe’s in the hospital after falling at the British ambassador’s home.
  11. the obamas are people too
    Barbara Walters Asks Obamas About ‘Keeping the Fire Alive’For their fourth interview, she’s getting personal.
  12. party chat
    Two-Time Debate Moderator Barbara Walters Defends ‘Gentleman’ Jim Lehrer“It’s very hard and Jim did his best. Jim is a gentleman. Jim is not going to be rude to them.”
  13. international intrigue
    Assad Press Aide Did Get Into Columbia After AllWhether it was because of Babs or not, we’ll never know.
  14. Barbara Walters Tried to Help Ex-Assad Aide Get a Job in the StatesAfter her interview with the Syrian dictator.
  15. video
    Obama on The View: ‘I Love Hanging Out With Women’Some of the best moments from his kaffeeklatsch today.
  16. party chat
    Barbara Walters Likes Singing Michael Bublé at KaraokeOh, Babs.
  17. tv news news
    Did Barbara Walters Tell Barack Obama a Secret About Her Retirement?Or was she just manipulating him?
  18. no he cain’t
    Barbara Walters Asks Cain If Race Was FactorWalters asks Cain whether race was a factor in his failed bid for the GOP nomination.
  19. inexplicable
    Barbara Walters Explains ‘Most Fascinating’ ListThe venerable journalist tells David Letterman why she picked Donald Trump and the Kardashians.
  20. dicks
    Barbara Walters Grills Dick Cheney: ‘Was the Iraq War Worth It?’She won’t let him leave the couch till she gets her answer!
  21. daytime tv
    Julie Chen Is No Barbara WaltersThat’s what “Page Six” is telling us, at least.
  22. the most important people in the world
    Barbara Walters Was a Yenta for Paul McCartney and Her Niece Nancy ShevellAnd it was so easy, too.
  23. born-again virgins
    Barbara Walters to Bristol Palin: Let’s Talk About Sex!Bristol says she might not have sex again until she’s 30. Sure.
  24. the most important people in the world
    Paris Hilton Blows Off Some Steam by Doing What She Does BestDown and out, Hilton returned to her roots.
  25. in other news
    Katie Couric Refuses to Admit What Everyone Already KnowsWill you finally confirm that you’re leaving? No.
  26. heads that talk
    Bill O’Reilly Predicts Record-Breaking Super Bowl InterviewMore than Lewinsky?
  27. the most important people in the world
    Betty White, Justin Bieber, Sandra Bullock, and LeBron James Among Barbara Walters’s ‘Fascinating People’In other words, people you were interested in six months ago.
  28. cindyspeak
    Cindy Adams Is Still Alive, Taking NamesThe ‘Post’ gossip legend was down for the count, but she’s back again!
  29. gossipmonger
    Naomi Campbell Travels With Her Own Hot SauceOf course she does.
  30. tv land
    President Obama to Make Another Presidential FirstHe’ll be on a daytime talk show this Thursday.
  31. gossipmonger
    Serena Williams Is Single AgainThe tennis star and her boyfriend Common have split.
  32. cindyspeak
    Cindy Adams Doesn’t Care When She Gets Things WrongBut she sure cares when she gets them right!
  33. and the heart says babawawa
    Barbara Walters Doing Well After Surgery, Says Cindy AdamsAlso, she’s going to get the Keys to the Liquor Closet.
  34. and the heart says babawawa
    Barbara Walters to Undergo Heart Valve SurgeryThe procedure will take place later this week.
  35. gossipmonger
    Kelly Bensimon Got Cozy With Whitney Port’s ExThat’s fitting.
  36. gossipmonger
    George Clooney Checked Jeff Bridges’s BoxThen he sent him a picture of it.
  37. gossipmonger
    Tom Cruise Crashes on Oscar DayOn his motorcycle, not at a party.
  38. whither gop?
    Maybe Jenny Sanford Should Have Seen This ComingMark Sanford insisted on removing all mentions of fidelity from their wedding vows.
  39. scott brown
    Scott Brown Evasive in First Sunday TV InterviewWalters makes Brown squirm.
  40. in other news
    Barbara Walters: NBC Tried to Poach MeLast year, the legendary journalist’s old home tried to lure her back.
  41. gossipmonger
    Madonna to Get Professional Help for ‘Stringy’ Arm MusclesThank you, God. And more of your Christmas wishes granted, in our daily gossip roundup.
  42. in other news
    Ball Bustin’ Barbara Walters Won’t Take Any Lip on The O’Reilly FactorYou know you’re in trouble when 80-year-old Barbara Walters calls you old-fashioned.
  43. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Calls Bristol’s Pregnancy ‘Shocking’National Sarah Palin week begins with a bang.
  44. party lines
    Barbara Walters on Interviewing Sarah PalinThat’s too bad. Remember all the good it did for Hillary Clinton?
  45. gossipmonger
    Daniel Radcliffe Discovers a Magical PlantThe 20-year-old ‘Harry Potter’ actor gets stoned, Zsa Zsa owes back taxes, and more “they’re just like us” stories in our daily gossip roundup.
  46. america’s sweetheart
    ABC is ‘Going Rogue’: Barbara Walters to Interview Sarah PalinFirst, let’s get one thing straight: Barbara Walters invented going rogue.
  47. summering
    Barron Hilton Does Not Approve of Flying Strip-Joint Ads in the HamptonsThat, and the rest of this weekend’s gossip from the Hamptons.
  48. gossipmonger
    Is Bassica in Trouble?Ed Westwick ditches a party hosted by girlfriend Jessica Szohr, fueling rumors of a tiff. That, and more celebrity innuendo, in today’s gossip roundup.
  49. gossipmonger
    Sean Avery Stole Hilary Rhoda From Mark SanchezIt’s understandable: They both have hot abs, but Sean can discuss shoes! More celebrity hookups, breakups, and breakdowns in our daily gossip roundup.
  50. today in astor-ia
    Astor Lawyer Mostly Concerned That Prosecutor Will Get More Media Attention Than HimShowboating lawyer attacks Barbara Walters. Big mistake.
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