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  1. international affairs
    Terror Cell in Spain Was Planning a Much Larger-Scale AttackSome of the 12 suspected terrorists were teenagers, and their radicalization has baffled their families and authorities alike.
  2. The Rise of Truck Attacks, the Terror Tactic of TodayIn 2017 alone, there have been at least nine such attacks around the world, resulting in nearly 40 deaths.
  3. At Least 13 Killed, 100 Injured in Two Vehicle Attacks in SpainAttackers plowed into crowds in Barcelona and Cambrils in Spain’s worst attack in a more than a decade.
  4. Trump Cites Brutal, Bigoted Myth of Gen. Pershing Murdering MuslimsTrump’s response to breaking news of a possible terrorist attack in Spain is to endorse a false tale of U.S. torture and religious insults.
  5. This Magnificent Barcelona Church Has Been Under Construction for 134 YearsThat’s a lot of construction.
  6. photo op
    Spanish Officer Wants in on the Action, TooGay activists in Barcelona protested Pope Benedict XVI’s anti-gay beliefs by kissing each other in front of him.