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  1. the money game
    Barney Frank Talks More About the Surprise Shuttering of Signature Bank“I was sort of vindicated — they have not argued that we were insolvent,” says the author of the Dodd-Frank Act.
  2. 2008
    Barney Frank on His Regrets From the Great Recession“All the money went to banks, none went to homeowners.”
  3. Get Ready for More Pelosi and San Francisco–Bashing by House GOP CandidatesTying her opponent to culture-war boogeymen helped Karen Handel turn out conservatives in Georgia. There will be copycats.
  4. Andrew Sullivan Talks Liberal Intolerance on Real TimeHe also explained why he wasn’t impressed with the current makeup of the Democratic Party.
  5. white men with money
    Barney Frank Doesn’t Feel Awkward at a Hedge-Fund ConferenceThe former congressman is enjoying his lucrative retirement.
  6. boston bombing
    Things the Boston Marathon Bombing Supposedly ‘Proves’According to presumptuous, insensitive partisans, like Glenn Beck and Michael Moore.
  7. comings and goings
    Senate to Have Two Black Members Simultaneously for First Time EverMo Cowan, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick’s former chief of staff, is John Kerry’s temporary replacement.
  8. don’t call it a comeback
    Barney Frank Wants to Be a SenatorJust for a few months.
  9. marijuana
    Barney Frank Once Had a Pot Brownie and It Made Him ‘Sleepy’It’s a sleep aid.
  10. equal rites
    Barney Frank Got Married To longtime partner James Ready. 
  11. bons mots
    Barney Frank Won’t Let Anyone Ruin His WeddingNot even POTUS.
  12. equal rites
    Barney Frank Is Marrying His Longtime BoyfriendCongrats, you two crazy kids!
  13. Barney Frank’s Eleven Best Insults“What the hell is wrong with you?”
  14. frankly speaking
    Watch a Montage of Barney Frank Being Frank with Friends and Foes“Who do you think paid for the war? Santa Claus?!”
  15. wall street
    What’s Next for Dodd-Frank?The GOP says good-bye to Barney — and plans to break his bill.
  16. comings and goings
    Republicans Won’t Have Barney Frank to Kick Around Much Longer [Updated]He’s retiring at the end of his term.
  17. preoccupied with occupy wall street
    Barney Frank Is Pragmatic When It Comes to Wall Street Fund-raisingHey, money’s money.
  18. american heroes
    Watch Barney Frank Probably Fart on TVBless you, Barney Frank.
  19. bons mots
    Barney Frank to Playboy: ‘Antigay Prejudice Is Diminishing’“Places that have gay marriage have had none of the negative consequences that people warned us about.”
  20. cable news
    Talk Box: Texas Governor Not Impressed With GM’s IPORick Perry thinks private-sector acquisitions would have absorbed job loss if the government allowed GM to go under.
  21. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 22A look at what’s happening in races around the country.
  22. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 20A look at what’s happening in races around the country.
  23. early and awkward
    Barney Frank’s Boyfriend Is Becoming Our Favorite Political SpouseWe’re going to keep our eye on this one.
  24. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 12A look at what’s happening in the race for Congress right now.
  25. early and awesome
    Barney Frank Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny That Kathy Griffin Is a Pill Popper“I said what I said.”
  26. gay old times
    Barney Frank Accused of Causing ‘Drama’ on Fire IslandThe Massachusetts congressman “caused a scene” on the way to the Pines last Friday, and it had nothing to do with his amazing abs.
  27. slouching toward reform
    Senate Passes Financial-Overhaul BillThe president is expected to sign it this week.
  28. health carnage
    Barney Frank Accosted on Airplane by Drunk Lady Doctors“If you’re trying to be bitchy, you’re doing a good job,” hissed Barney’s boyfriend in his defense. Snap!
  29. gay old times
    Barney Frank Reclaims an EpithetThe chairman of the House Financial Services Committee had “Little Punk Staffer” buttons made for congressional aides.
  30. tea parties
    Tea Partiers Yell Slurs, Spit on CongressmenMeanwhile, House Democrats have the votes!
  31. early and often
    House Approves Financial-Overhaul BillDespite Republican dissent.
  32. early and often
    So Sarah Palin and Barney Frank Walk Into a Room Full of Journalists …The unlikely pair are headlining Washington’s winter Gridiron Dinner.
  33. early and often
    Barney Frank: ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ to Be Repealed Next YearIt’ll be in a Defense Department authorization bill, he says.
  34. national equality march
    Everyone Has an Opinion About Tomorrow’s National Equality MarchThere’s wild speculation about tomorrow’s gay rights march.
  35. equal rites
    House Democrats to Introduce Respect for Marriage ActWhich is, as you can imagine, different from the Defense of Marriage Act.
  36. the greatest depression
    Hey, Congress, Hank Paulson Thinks You’re Idiots“I amuse myself a lot by thinking what would happen if I said, ‘Do you realize what an idiotic question that is?’”
  37. gossipmonger
    Barney Frank Made Uncomfortable by Hundreds of Shirtless Fire Island BoysWe didn’t believe this story could be true, but it was in “Page Six,” so it must be.
  38. health carnage
    How to Talk to a Town-Hall CrazyBarney Frank takes one to school.
  39. shirtless authority figures
    Barney Frank Hot and Dripping WetStill looks like Barney Frank, oddly.
  40. let’s get metaphysical
    Barney Frank: ‘There Is Only Obama’He is everywhere! He is all around you! In the Earth and the trees and the oxygen that you breathe!
  41. bons mots
    Barney Frank: Antonin Scalia Is a ‘Homophobe’The congressman doesn’t have many nice things to say about the Supreme Court justice in a recent interview.
  42. white men with money
    The Point Is, Edward Liddy Did Not Rape AnyoneA memo to Barney Frank from Maureen Tkacik.
  43. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Stokes the Flames With AIG Bonus DetailsThe Bonus Buster dumped the amounts of individual bonuses into an already-steaming cauldron of rage.
  44. the bonus buster
    Andrew Cuomo Will Write Letters to Bank of America Until He Can No Longer Hold PensAndrew Cuomo is indefatigable!
  45. fools on the hill
    Representative Michael Capuano Rocked Today’s CEO HearingsIf you missed the six-hour CEO hearing on the Hill today, this is the only part you really need to see.
  46. the greatest depression
    Barney Frank to Haul TARP Recipients to Washington for Major SassingThe House Financial Services Committee chair is having the heads of bailed-out banks to Washington for a little chat.
  47. the jet set
    Citigroup Continues to Bungle PR on Jet PurchaseFirst they were buying a new jet to save them several million dollars, now they are spending several million dollars to NOT buy it. Jeez Louise.
  48. inaugur-nation!
    Barney Frank, Stand-up CongressmanHe’s a laugh a minute!
  49. the greatest depression
    Lawmakers Promise to Behave As Bailout Talks ResumeBailout talks resume after a ‘glitch.’
  50. early and awesome
    Bill O’Reilly Excoriates His Fellow Conservative Radio Hosts As ‘Kool-Aid’–Drinking IdiotsIn a radio tirade, the ‘Factor’ host shoots off some not-so-friendly fire.
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