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  1. vision 2020
    Gabbard Suspends Campaign and Endorses BidenThe gadfly congresswoman from Hawaii makes a timely party-unity gesture.
  2. Report: Assad to Meet With Kim Jong-un in North KoreaThe autocrat summit would be Kim’s first with another head of state on his home turf.
  3. foreign policy
    Syria Strikes Show, Once Again, That We Can’t Police the World by Bombing ItFriday’s missile attack will join a growing list of failed attempts by the U.S. to conduct foreign policy from the air.
  4. foreign policy
    U.S. and Allies Launch Airstrikes Against SyriaTrump said the strikes were meant to serve as a “strong deterrent” against the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime.
  5. Russia to Trump: ‘We Don’t Do Twitter Diplomacy’The Kremlin shot back at Trump after he tweeted about bombing Syria.
  6. Will Syrians Pay for Trump’s Anger at Investigators?Maybe the U.S. should punish Syria for alleged chemical weapon attacks. But maybe the president considering that action should not be in a hate rage.
  7. foreign policy
    Trump’s Syria Reversal Reveals He Never Had a Coherent PlanAfter blaming the Syria situation on Obama’s dithering, Trump finds himself in a similar conundrum.
  8. The Moral High Ground on Syria Is EmptyEvery power that could help stop the killing has decided that their own interests outweigh dead innocents.
  9. foreign affairs
    North Korea’s Link to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Is Horrific, Yet UnsurprisingThe shipments identified in a U.N. report violate sanctions on both countries and demonstrate just how good these rogue regimes are at evading them.
  10. Flake Calls Trump a Model for Speech-Suppressing TyrantsInstead of issuing Fake News Media Awards, Trump was blasted by a senator calling him the inspiration for free-speech enemies everywhere.
  11. Report: Trump Ends CIA Support for Anti-Assad Rebels in Syria“Putin won in Syria,” one anonymous official told the Washington Post.
  12. Russia Vows to Target U.S.-Backed Aircraft in Western SyriaTime to scratch “at least he won’t start a war with Russia” from your list of upsides to the Trump presidency.
  13. U.S. Bombs Pro-Assad Forces to Stop Advance on U.S. Special Forces’ BaseTrump once called fighting both ISIS and Assad “madness and idiocy.”
  14. Spicer Explains That Even Hitler Didn’t Use ‘Gas on His Own People’He apologized after arguing that even Adolf Hitler deployed weaponized gas more ethically than Bashar al-Assad.
  15. Report: Russia Knew of Assad’s Chemical Attack in AdvanceThe charge comes from a single senior U.S. official. If true, it could have grave implications for relations between Moscow and the West.
  16. Trump Weighs ‘Saturation Strike’ Against Syrian GovernmentThe strikes would likely kill Russian soldiers and mark a 180-degree shift in the White House’s policy toward Syria.
  17. Trump Says ‘Something Should Happen’ to Assad After Chemical Attack in SyriaThe president is reportedly weighing military action in Syria.
  18. Spicer Blames Obama’s ‘Weakness’ for Assad’s Apparent Chemical AttackThe attack came days after the Trump administration indicated that it is comfortable with the Syrian dictator remaining in power.
  19. Removing Assad From Power in Syria Is ‘No Longer a Priority’ for the U.S.U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley confirmed this to reporters on Thursday.
  20. Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Just Took a Secret Trip to SyriaA spokesperson for her would not say if she met with Assad.
  21. The Tragic Farewell Messages From Aleppo While the City Was Under Siege“This may be my last video.”
  22. Syrian Government Forces Are About to Deal a Crushing Blow to RebelsAssad’s army has retaken a huge chunk of rebel-held territory in the key city of Aleppo.
  23. Syria Cease-fire Goes Into Effect, But Humanitarian Aid Still Hasn’t ArrivedNo deaths reported since the truce began, but the fighting hasn’t completely stopped.
  24. Russia and U.S. Have Agreed to a Cease-fire in a Pummeled SyriaDoes not apply to attacks on ISIS.
  25. More Than 70 Killed in Islamic State Attack on SyriaThe attack comes as the U.N. tries to coordinate peace talks.
  26. international intrigue
    U.S. and Russia Agree to Keep It ‘Professional’ in SyriaThe two countries — both waging an air campaign in the war-torn state — reached a basic deal to avoid potential disasters.
  27. que syria syria
    Bashar al-Assad ‘Elected’ to Third TermSyria’s president wins re-election, again. 
  28. syria
    Did the Obama Administration Mislead the Public on Syria? Seymour Hersh thinks so.
  29. que syria syria
    Assad Claims Rebels Have Confessed to Using Chemical WeaponsThey gave the evidence to Russia.
  30. que syria syria
    Assad Calls the United States the ‘Greatest Country in the World’In an interview with Dennis Kucinich.
  31. que syria syria
    Syria Joins Weapons Treaty, Stashes Chemical Arms Across the CountryAssad is surprisingly demanding for a man in his position.
  32. Read President Obama’s Speech on SyriaThe president’s remarks on the situation in Syria, from the White House.
  33. que syria syria
    Syria Says It Will Give Up Chemical Weapons So U.S. Doesn’t Bomb [Updated]The White House remains very cautious, somewhat optimistic.
  34. que syria syria
    Obama Calls Russian Plan a ‘Breakthrough,’ Says Syria Is No Threat to the U.S.In interview with six networks.
  35. que syria syria
    Assad Laughs Off Chemical Weapons QuestionsThe Syrian president sat down with Charlie Rose.
  36. international affairs
    Charlie Rose Interviewed Bashar al-AssadThe Syrian president denied using chemical weapons and said he would retaliate against a U.S. strike.
  37. international affairs
    Assad: U.S., France Have No Proof of Attack“Everyone will lose control of the situation when the powder keg explodes,” he says.
  38. international affairs
    As Evidence of Syrian Chemical Attack Mounts, Assad’s Motives Remain UnclearAs Syrian officials put it, the timing seems “illogical.”
  39. syrian summer
    Syria Forms New Government Amid Shelling, Turkish StandoffAs country spirals ever closer to the brink.
  40. syrian massacre
    Russia Ships Arms to Syria Just Days After MassacreDeath toll now up to 116.
  41. revolt like an egyptian
    The Assads Hand Out Food to Syrians for the CameraDoes not stop the bombing, though.
  42. syrian spring
    Syrian Rebels Now Paying Assad’s Soldiers to DefectMoney to come from rich Gulf Arab states.
  43. Embassies in Syria Attacked As Crisis DeepensAl-Assad calls for special Arab League summit.
  44. Arab League Suspends Syria, Plans SanctionsOnly “no” votes: Yemen and Lebanon.
  45. syrian autumn
    Arab League to Consider Suspending SyriaForeign ministers meet today.
  46. Looks Like Qaddafi Has at Least One Friend Left: Hugo ChávezChávez also sending his love to Syria’s Assad.
  47. arab spring
    Pro-Assad Syrians Picked the Wrong Columbia University Facebook Page to SwarmThe online protest was a bit misguided.
  48. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Has ‘Absolutely Nothing Invested’ in Syrian President Assad [Update]“[He] is not indispensable.”
  49. syria
    Syrian Protests Get Bloodier; Confusion Over Missing BloggerMaher al-Assad, brother of the dictator, is the country’s enforcer.
  50. revolt like an egyptian
    Syria’s Ambassador to France Denies Resigning On-Air [Update]Or maybe doesn’t.
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