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Bathroom Bill

  1. 2019 special elections
    Bathroom Bill Author Most Likely GOP Nominee in North Carolina Special ElectionThe election is a ‘do-over’ after a Republican midterm campaign tampered with absentee ballots. With 10 candidates, though, there could be a runoff.
  2. Transgender Candidate Challenges Virginia’s ‘Minister of Private Parts’in a big legislative race in Virginia, a leading cultural conservative who sponsored an anti-transgender “bathroom bill” is facing a trans opponent.
  3. NBA Expects Charlotte to Host 2019 All-Star GameLeague commissioner Adam Silver said it’s not a done deal, but it’s his “expectation.”
  4. equal rights
    North Carolina Lawmakers Announce Deal on Bathroom LawLGBT groups dismissed the compromise, saying it’s just “doubling down on the discrimination.”
  5. Former North Carolina Governor Who Signed ‘Bathroom Bill’ Can’t Find a JobAfter helping make his state the target of boycotts over discrimination, Pat McCrory says he’s facing a political ‘purge.’
  6. Trump’s Pick to Enforce Civil Rights Is an Expert at Defending GOP Voting LawsJohn Gore has defended Republican redistricting plans and voting-roll purges against allegations of civil-rights violations.
  7. North Carolina Lawmakers Fail to Repeal Anti-Transgender Bathroom LawThe deal stalled over a Republican plan to impose a six-month moratorium on local ordinances barring LGBT discrimination.
  8. New North Carolina Governor Threatens Lawsuit Over GOP ‘Power Grab’Tarheel State Republicans are trying to pass a raft of new legislation to curb incoming Democratic governor Roy Cooper’s power.
  9. California Mandates Gender-Neutral Restrooms in Public BuildingsThe new law applies only to single-user bathrooms; segregating these facilities by gender, its sponsor says, “defies common sense.”