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  1. Capitol Police Keep Leaving Loaded Glocks in BathroomsA kid visiting the Capitol found a gun in the bathroom of the Speaker’s suite. 
  2. The New York Times Helps an Anonymous Source Complete Her Bucket List Area woman will never be recognized for her contributions to public-bathroom service journalism. 
  3. oopsies
    Agent Left Something Pretty Dangerous on PlaneSmells like trouble.
  4. bladder matters
    Starbucks Employees Still Don’t Want You Using the BathroomThe toilet tale continues to unfold.
  5. scary things
    Starbucks to Trigger Urination Crisis in New York [Updated]You may not be able to pee in them for much longer.
  6. things that sound awful but actually turn out to be sort of nice
    Woman Gives Birth in McDonald’s Bathroom in NewarkWhat’s amazing is that this is a happy story.
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    AmNY Made Staffers Visit Every Single Subway Bathroom in the CityWe cannot possibly fathom what they could have done to deserve that punishment.