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Battery Life

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    5 Things That Will (and 5 Things That Won’t) Save Your Phone BatteryThe best phone in the world is just a very shiny and expensive coaster without battery life.
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    Apple Is Under Investigation for iPhone SlowdownsThe DOJ and SEC are looking into it.
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    Apple Will Let You Shut Off Controversial Battery Slowdown in iOS 11.3Apple reverses course after a month of headaches over its decision to throttle the processors in phones with older batteries.
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    Apple Will Replace Your iPhone Battery for $29 … But Only OnceIt was recently revealed that Apple secretly slows down the batteries in older iPhones.
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    Apple Apologizes for Slowing Down iPhones With Old BatteriesIt’s also dropping the price on replacing the battery.
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    Is Apple Slowing Down iPhones With Aging Batteries?If you’ve ever thought that your older iPhone got a lot slower after updating iOS, it may not be just in your head.
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    How to Nurse Your Phone’s Battery When It’s About to DieHow to eke a few more minutes out of your battery before everything goes dark.
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    The Best External Battery Pack to Keep You Juiced UpNever be in the red again.
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    Why You Should Charge Your Phone When It Hits 50 PercentIf you want your phone battery to stay healthy, don’t let it hit zero percent.
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    11 Dumb Things You May Be Doing to Your SmartphoneSome common things you may be doing with your smartphone that are actually kinda stupid.
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    Uninstalling Facebook Will Save Battery Life?Not using your phone at all also saves battery life.