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Baylor University

  1. impeachment
    Trump Trial Team Will Include Alan Dershowitz, Ken StarrApparently Trump craved the lurid spectacle these two disgraced old legal beagles bring to his solemn Senate trial.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Baylor Demotes University President, Fires Coach for Mishandling Rape ClaimsAthletics staff “improperly discredited” rape victims and “denied them a right to a fair investigation.”
  3. higher education
    ‘Homosexual Acts’ Now Okay at Baylor UniversityThey’re no longer a “misuse of God’s gift.”
  4. history repeating itself
    Ken Starr Redux: Lefty Icon Targeted Over Alleged Sexual MisconductA secret investigation over alleged sexual peccadilloes — sound familiar?
  5. rand management
    Rand Paul Smoked Some Insane Weed Back in the DayThe story of how he kidnapped a college coed and tried to make her smoke with him.