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  1. local
    Long Island Sharks Are Back to Ruin Your SummerSeveral beachgoers reported bites on July 3 and 4 off the waters of Long Island.
  2. new york city
    ‘This Is a Disaster’What I learned listening to secret recordings of the agency trying to investigate the city’s lifeguard corps.
  3. new york city
    Boss of the BeachFor 40 years, the city’s lifeguard corps has been mired in controversy, and for 40 years it’s been run by one man: Peter Stein.
  4. buzzkills
    NYPD Targets Beach Boozers in RockawaysDrink at your own risk. 
  5. hurricane sandy
    Fort Tilden Is Still Choked With Sandy DebrisProbably won’t open this summer.
  6. summertime
    Nudity Banned at Fire Island Beaches, But Good Luck Enforcing ThatA crackdown is reportedly coming this summer.
  7. summertime
    Syringes, Medical Waste Tarnish the Girls-ification of Rockaway Beach “Bushwick on the Beach” still has some real edge.
  8. evidence that mitt is human
    Mitt Romney Goes Bodyboarding in CaliforniaAn Easter weekend photo op.
  9. hipsters
    Do You Ever Wish Williamsburg Was Farther Away, Dirtier, and More Bathing-Suit Friendly?Try the Rockaways!
  10. sharks
    Summer of the Shark Has Begun!Two sharks were seen off Long Island’s East End beach.
  11. photo op
    Stephanie Seymour and Her Son Forget They Are Famous for a SecondAnd then they made out.
  12. sharks
    Shark Sightings Rocked Rockaway Beach This WeekendIs it safe to go back in the water?
  13. let’s get civical
    Bloomberg Warming Up to Beach and Park Smoking BanHe may move forward with the idea, originally proposed by his Health Commissioner.
  14. intel
    It’s Going to Be a Lovely Memorial Day Weekend!Especially if you’re in Southampton.
  15. weather
    The Atmosphere Isn’t Done Effing With Your Summer YetWeather: a rant.
  16. in other news
    Guidos and Guidettes of Staten Island Fight Back Against Mayor of Belmar, New JerseyIt’s not a group we’d want to antagonize, that’s for sure.
  17. gossipmonger
    Closing the BoxSome Lower East Siders are trying to get the Box closed because it’s more a nightclub and less the “cultural institution” its owners promised it would be. (And also, we presume, because it’s utterly insufferable.) At the age of 50, Kelly Klein, ex of Calvin, is finally having a baby. Hillary Clinton raised $500,000 at a fund-raiser at Ted Danson’s house on Martha’s Vineyard. The beach is eroding in front of Tina Brown and Harry Evans’s place in Quogue. John McEnroe is in talks with Larry Ellison to establish a tennis training center in Flushing Meadows. Andy Roddick had stage fright when asked to say a few words at a party in his honor at Tenjune. A bunch of guests got lost en route to Donna Karan’s house in East Hampton. Tom Petty played two gigs in the Hamptons for $1.7 million. (Paul McCartney and Renée Zellweger were there.) Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning looked for the entrance to La Esquina.
  18. intel
    $150,000 for Two Weeks? Only in the Hamptons, KidsThe never-cheap Hamptons may finally crossed the line into totally, ridiculously, stratospherically expensive as folks with money realize the summer is winding down and they wouldn’t mind spending some time on the East End before the season’s out. Power broker Lori Barbaria of Prudential Douglas Elliman just rented a modest — for the Hamptons, at least — 3,500-square-foot house in Bridgehampton for mind-bending $150,000 for two weeks, not including the $250-per-shot for the cleaning service required every few days. Her colleague, Paul Brennan, says he’s gotten calls begging for anything on the waterfront for $30,000 for a weekend, a fairly novel request as short-term rentals are frowned-upon in the Hamptons and asking for them is tantamount to wearing polyester to polo. But even with those huge sums being offered, brokers are skeptical anything will pan out. “Once in a while you can do something if the owners are out of the country,” says Brennan, “but the reception is usually lukewarm.” —S. Jhoanna Robledo
  19. photo op
    Hello, My Coney Island Baby Coney Island, yesterday, when the high reached 92 degrees, according to Weather.com. It’s 89 degrees right now, with a forecast high of 92 again. Isn’t it fun sitting at your desk, staring at the computer?
  20. photo op
    Surfin’ NYC Sure, if you want to be a snob, you could insist on Waikiki Beach on Oahu or Kirra Point on Australia’s Gold Coast. But you can’t get to either of those with a MetroCard — and today the city’s Parks Department opened New York’s second surfing-only beach in the Rockaways. Until 2005, a musty law banned surfing anywhere within the five boroughs. But that year a stretch of seashore at Beach 90th Street was opened to surfers and closed to everyone else, and, well, it was gnarly, dude. Today, after the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation cleaned the area and a Parks commish Adrian Benepe led a small ceremony, the strip of sand at Beach 67th Street was also turned over to the boarders. It’s just an A-train ride away — and, on that note, we think we’ll call it a week. Catch you Monday.