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  1. perp walks
    Walk Like a Perp: A Brief History of Making an Entrance in HandcuffsWhat’s the big deal, again?
  2. the greatest recession
    Turns Out, the Financial Crisis Was Totally Avoidable“The greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming.”
  3. shitty deals
    Bear Stearns Traders Had Cute Names for Toxic Mortgage ProductsHowever, they were not very good at spelling.
  4. white men with money
    If Anyone Ever Saw Jimmy Cayne Wearing a Dress, It Was the First and Only TimeReally! The former Bear Stearns CEO swears!
  5. the rich
    Citigroup to Provide Babysitting Services for Children of MillionairesThis could be good for all of us.
  6. the audacity of pricks
    Byron Georgiou Neglects to Ask Jimmy Cayne Crucial Follow-up Question“In William Cohan’s book ‘House of Cards,’ you are quoted saying some unfavorable things about Secretary Geithner. Do you recall?”
  7. sitting ducks is another term one could use
    Cayne: Bear Stearns Was Just Like a ‘Big Fat Goose’“Waddling down the lane, waiting to get eaten by competitors.”
  8. fi-cri fallout
    Nothing Could Have Been Done to Prevent the Collapse of Bear Stearns, Says Former CEONope, nothing. Not a thing.
  9. fi-cri fallout
    Ace Greenberg Warned Jimmy Cayne About Liquidity Problems, ‘Knew That He’d Been Smoking Pot for Years’In his new book, the former Bear Stearns chairman gets revenge on the CEO who ousted him.
  10. photo op
    Jimmy Cayne Brings Down the HouseTwo years after the collapse of his firm, the former Bear Stearns CEO is still gambling.
  11. getting the band back together
    Government Ruins Jimmy Cayne’s Cinco de MayoIf the Man was looking for a way to hurt Jimmy Cayne, this was the way to do it.
  12. white men with money
    Bear Stearns Fund Managers Impressed Jurors With Their Work Ethic“If this was really a fraud case, they wouldn’t have worked that hard.”
  13. white men with money
    Jurors in Bear Stearns Trial Could Not Seem Less Excited About Reaching a VerdictThey’re raising questions about venue and have all sorts of outlandish requests.
  14. white men with money
    Former Bear Stearns Exec Loses $22 Million in One Hand of PokerFormer Bear Stearns head of corporate strategy finished sixth in the World Series of Poker.
  15. jamie dimon
    Jamie Dimon Hires His FatherTed Dimon leaving Bank of America for JP Morgan.
  16. the greatest depression
    The Financial-Crisis Lit Cheat SheetThe best bits from the flood of books recapping last year’s Wall Street meltdown.
  17. white men with money
    Day Two in the Bear Stearns Trial: ‘Worrying Is Not a Crime’A lawyer for one of the Bear Stearns fund managers accused of misrepresenting the health of an ailing hedge fund seconds her client’s emotions.
  18. white men with money
    Two Jurors Rejected in Bear Stearns TrialOne prospective juror wrote that big financial firms “always try to bend the rules to make as much money as possible.”
  19. the greatest depression
    Senate to Probe Goldman, DeutscheThey’re looking for e-mail records about mortgage-backed securities.
  20. white men with money
    Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the GameThe former Bear Stearns CEO might not have been so cocky if he hadn’t succeeded at bridge.
  21. awakenings
    Alan Schwartz Has Come Full CircleA little over a year after the collapse of Bear Stearns, the former CEO is ready to move on. Om.
  22. the greatest depression
    The Last Meals of Bear StearnsA new book details the nail-biting, or just biting, last days of the storied investment firm.
  23. he’s just jealous
    Meredith Whitney Is Not ‘That Great,’ Okay?“Before we douse her with more champagne, put her on TV with Charlie Rose and hand over the keys to the Treasury Department, it might be worth taking another look at what really happened.”
  24. rush to judgment
    William Dudley, the New President of the New York Fed, Lives in New JerseyNow that Tim Geithner is in charge of the entire economy, his deputy of two years, William Dudley, will be replacing him as president of the New York Fed. Is he good enough?
  25. the greatest depression
    Why Can’t Jamie Dimon Hold His Own Umbrella?At this particular moment in time, doesn’t it seem a little awkward for the JPMorgan CEO to be cruising around with a Fonzworth Bentley?
  26. white men with money
    Warren Buffett’s Dirty Words of WisdomDealBreaker’s Bess Levin remembers some of the best things that have come out of the filthy mouth of Warren Buffett.
  27. white men with money
    Warren Buffett’s Brain Food‘The Wall Street Journal’ takes a close look at the snacks the Oracle of Omaha consumes when he’s making deals.
  28. the greatest depression
    All I Need to Know I Learned From the Collapse of Bear StearnsSome survivors of the Bear Stearns debacle have emerged stronger and, dare we say, wiser.
  29. it happened this week
    Falling DollarsEverything that happened last week, in case you weren’t paying attention.
  30. company town
    Billionaires Have Bad Days, TooCarl Icahn is struggling with various projects, Sharon Waxman becomes the latest media lady to start a news-aggregation Website, and — it’s official! — most City Council members pay less rent than you do, in our daily roundup of finance, media, real-estate and entertainment news.
  31. company town
    The Obamas All Over the Glossy Newsstand, Once AgainMichelle and Barack appear on the covers of ‘Ebony’ and ‘Essence.’ But Meghan McCain has an interview in ‘Glamour’! Plus the latest on Barbara Corcoran, John Thain, and the other captains of industry.
  32. white men with money
    Jimmy Cayne Almost Died Trying to Save Bear StearnsBut he’s okay! Even if Bear is not. The 73-year-old former Bear Stearns CEO talks about his near-death experience, how he did not smoke pot with that woman (not in a bathroom, anyway), and how he became “roadkill” on the brink of the firm’s collapse, all in an epic interview with ‘Fortune.’
  33. gossipmonger
    ‘Cougars: NYC’ Hunting for More Co-StarsAn awesome-sounding reality show needs more older ladies. Plus, gossip about Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, and Ryan Adams, in our daily roundup.
  34. intel
    The Subprime Awards: The Saddest, Most Hilarious Tales From a Battered Wall StreetThe subprime crisis has massacred the city’s banks — and resulted in all manner of juicy details related to the subsequent layoffs. Here we hand down awards for the juiciest of these details.
  35. company town
    President Bush Sums Up the Financial Crisis the Best Way He Knows How“Wall Street got drunk,” the president said, “and now it’s got a hangover.” Also, Donald Trump Jr. invests in India, ‘Esquire’ editors decide to flash people, and more, in our daily roundup of finance, real-estate, media, and law news.
  36. company town
    Chairman Cox Bans Naked Short-SellingHeh. Naked short selling. Sounds like something a frat boy would do, right? Well … it sort of is. Read all about the SEC’s bold move to crack down on market manipulators and more, in our daily roundup of finance, media, law, and real-estate news.
  37. white men with money
    Rumor: Goldman Sachs CEO Accused of Rumormongering by Lehman and Bear CEOLehman CEO Richard Fuld and ex–Bear Stearns CEO Alan Schwartz accused Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein of starting rumors! Reportedly!
  38. company town
    Does the Ability to Comment Anonymously on Blogs Turn Us Into Monsters?Or are we monsters to begin with? Comment on that and the other media, finance, real-estate, and law news in our daily roundup.
  39. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon Thinks Someone Should Smoke Short-Sellers Out of Their CavesThe JPMorgan CEO is searching for a hero. Could it be YOU?
  40. company town
    It’s Official: Rush Limbaugh Will Never Shut UpPlus, job cuts at the Los Angeles ‘Times,’ Jill Zarin’s favorite things, and Carl Icahn’s bad news, in today’s industry roundup.
  41. company town
    Jann Wenner Shopping ‘Us Weekly’ to Condé Nast for $750 MillionPlus, the latest with UBS, Bonnie Fuller, and 15 Central Park West, in our daily industry roundup.
  42. company town
    The Donald Will Go OnDonald Trump is strong and solid, like a freight ship battered by stormy seas. Meanwhile, Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide and Don Imus are riding around on rickety catamarans. All that and more metaphors in our daily roundup of real-estate, law, media and finance news.
  43. company town
    Tom Wolfe Still Making Sweeping, Mostly True GeneralizationsThe writer predicts “the end of capitalism,” and may be right; Ariana Huffington talks about her beef with Tim Russert; and a Manhattan lawyer does due diligence with the Other Side, all in our daily rundown of weird, wonderful finance, media, law and real-estate news.
  44. company town
    Indicted Bear Stearns Hedge-Fund Manager’s Business Card Raking In Cash on eBayMatthew Tannin’s old business card is getting bid up, even as everything else Wall Street seems to be going down. All that and more in our daily roundup of finance, real-estate, media, and law news.
  45. in other news
    Ralph Cioffi Hangs On to His Dream HouseThe indicted Bear Stearns hedge-funder may lose almost everything, but he won’t lose that tony Hamptons address.
  46. company town
    ‘Martha Wanted to Wash and Blow-dry the Chickens’Martha disrupts plans to make her seem like less of a perfectionist, Bear Stearns CEO Jimmy Cayne may face arrest (he’d better hide his stash!), and the FBI is slapping anyone who’s ever said the word “mortgage” with criminal charges, in our daily roundup of media, finance, real-estate and law news.
  47. it just happened
    Bear Stearns Managers ArrestedMatthew Tannin and Ralph Cioffi, former hedge-fund managers at the former Bear Stearns, were taken into custody this morning for telling investors everything was fine with their funds, while privately admitting they were “toast.”
  48. company town
    Wall Street’s Week of ReckoningAIG’s Martin Sullivan is out, and everyone else is waiting for the ax to fall. Plus! Former ‘NYT’ editor Howell Raines picks on Poynter blogger Jim Romenesko, a Central Park West penthouse goes on the market for $80 million, and more, all in our daily roundup of finance, media, real-estate and law news.
  49. company town
    Ex–Martha Stewart CEO Is Out and LunchingRecently freed Martha CEO Susan Lyne may have a gig lined up already, Realtors claim the ‘Sex and the City’ movie has done for property what the show did for shoes, and New York judges finally get a pay raise, in today’s roundup of media, real-estate, law, and finance news.
  50. company town
    Andrew Cuomo’s Kiddie VictoryPlus the latest on what’s up with UBS, Beth Israel, and McDonald’s in our daily industry roundup.
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