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  1. take a lactaid buddy
    As Cheddar Sells for $200 Million, Key Question Remains: Isn’t That Swiss?An internet beef with a side of cheese.
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    This Is a Great Twitter Thread About GrudgesPrepare to feel some secondhand rage.
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    Why William Shatner Was Yelling at Outlander Fans for Hours on Twitter YesterdayThe term “social-justice warrior” also got thrown around a bunch.
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    Ann Coulter Is So Hated, People Are Rooting for Delta in Their Twitter BeefThe conservative pundit has been angrily tweeting at the airline for days, following a seat change on a flight.
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    Tammy — Er, Tony — Er, Tomi Lahren Is Extremely Mad About This Diss TrackAfter rapper Wale name-checked Lahren as “Tammy” his Twitter fans started referring to her by all kinds of wrong names starting with the letter T.
  6. beefs
    Sore Loser Rahm Emanuel Bashes One World Trade Center’s ‘Antenna’Insults won’t make Willis Tower any taller.
  7. beefs
    McCain Takes on Putin With Op-Ed in Wrong PublicationStill, he gets in some good burns.
  8. the racie for gracie
    Clinton Staffer Can’t Hide Disdain for Weiner After 2016 ‘Joke’“We have absolutely no clue what he was talking about.”
  9. ink-stained wretches
    Newsweek Dead, Everybody a SuspectHoward Kurtz treated for third-degree Twitter burn.
  10. beefs
    Rand Paul Would Like to Kiss Chris Christie (Metaphorically?)Yes, metaphorically. 
  11. beefs
    Chris Christie Sure Sounds Like He Hates Rand Paul’s Guts [Updated]Watch the video. 
  12. beefs
    Al Roker Has Been Beefing With Some Random Dude on Twitter for a MonthEveryone wins, except for Al Roker. 
  13. beefs
    Brooklyn Yeshiva Calls Shenanigans After 100 Students Are Kicked Off FlightThe airline says it was perfectly in the right.
  14. cable-stained wretches
    Ann Coulter Does Not Understand PunctuationHer Meghan McCain joke was obviously sarcastic because it had an exclamation point.
  15. meghan mccain
    Meghan McCain Not Laughing at Ann Coulter’s Joke About Killing HerIt really wasn’t that funny.
  16. beefs
    Glenn Beck Should Definitely Defend the Tea Party on WWEWhat could go wrong?
  17. beefs
    Furious Over a Book Deal, Armey Stormed Out of FreedomWorks for $8 MillionHe wanted to resign last summer.
  18. beefs
    Post Reporter Threatens NYPD With Atomic WedgiesAfter he unearthed an illicit Police Plaza One BBQ.
  19. beefs
    Donald Trump Is Still Raging Against Scottish Wind TurbinesSays they’ll block his golf course’s seaside views.
  20. beefs
    CNN, State Dept. Trade Barbs Over Stevens Diary“Indefensible.” 
  21. beefs
    Newt and Huck Denounce Rove’s Todd Akin Joke“Terrible,” Newt called it. “Disturbing,” said Huck.
  22. beefs
    Jury Thinks Samsung Phones Are Too iPhone-LikeGet ready for some more awkward-looking Android phones.
  23. media
    Angry E-Mails Trace Keith Olbermann-Current TV FeudLights failing mid-screening, printers without toner, car services unpaid.
  24. neighborhood news
    Americans With Disabilities Act Threatens Tranquil BrownstonesGood morning, Upper East Siders.
  25. beefs
    Lehman Estate Sues JP MorganIt wants $5 billion and it wants it now.
  26. beefs
    Be Nice to the Cable Guy, He Might Hit You in the Head With a HammerAnd then you’ll miss your favorite show.
  27. beefs
    Bernie Sanders Will Try to Block Ben Bernanke’s ConfirmationHe must hate beards.
  28. in other news
    Nas and Bill O’Reilly Try to Out-Hyperbolize Each OtherWe recount the beginnings of what will clearly be the most entertaining feud of summer 2008.
  29. the sports section
    Big Shaq’s Rap AttackHow much do we love Shaquille O’Neal’s impromptu attack on Kobe Bryant? Let us count the ways.
  30. in other news
    Spinning Classmates Face the Wheels of JusticeBroker Christopher Carter and hedge-fund manager Stuart Sugarman got into a fight at the gym. Today, they fight in court!
  31. white men with money
    Lou Dobbs to Lloyd Blankfein: Say It to My Face, Pansy-ManThe other night, Lou Dobbs fired the opening salvo in what might be the best rumble since the legendary Biff-McFly smackdown. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein had apparently been complaining to CNN honcho Jonathan Klein about what a windbag Dobbs is, and so Dobbs decided he’d offer the little guy a chance to prove exactly what a big man he was. “Perhaps Lloyd would like to come on here and show me the error of my ways and educate me perhaps from his lofty Wall Street perch on how millions of Americans are faring and what their prospects are,” Biff Dobbs huffed on air. “Lloyd, you certainly… I would love to have you do it. I would love to have you come on and talk to my face, not to my back, partner. I know it’s not the way you do it on Wall Street there, hotshot, but try it here. Come on down. Open invitation.” Um. We actually can’t even add anything more to this because it is pretty much the best thing ever. Goldman CEO Challenged On-Air by Lou Dobbs [Huffington Post]
  32. in other news
    Suing a Supermodel Won’t Make You Any PrettierToday in the trials and tribulations of the impossibly hot: Helena Christensen is being sued by her neighbor in the West Village, a no-fun woman named Fran Panasci. The Danish supermodel (and possible sexer of Heath Ledger) built a deck on the back of her Hudson Street home, and it’s bugging Panasci — it “blocks all light and air,” says Panasci’s lawyer. The cranky neighbor-lady also claims that she must endure “loud offensive sound and noise which continues throughout the day, night, and early morning hours,” blah blah blah. Oooh, what kind of loud and offensive noises? And how about the completely inspiring fact that Helena is 38 and still likes to party like an INXS groupie? We’ll have what she’s having! Anyhow, Panasci wants $1.7 million for unspecified (are they ever?) damages, a price so high we can only assume it includes compensation for the severe psychological damage (body dysmorphic disorder, insane jealousy, self-loathing) one incurs when living within spitting distance of a supermodel. Model Christensen Decked With $1.7M Suit for Noise [NYDN]