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    A Complete History of Bee Movie’s Many, Many MemesTen years ago today, Bee Movie, the film that launched a thousand memes, was born.
  2. bees!
    A Swarm of Angry Bees Shut Down a Street in Midtown ManhattanThe NYPD was called in, as was a beekeeper.
  3. MIT Researchers Created a Sanctuary for Bees to Help Save Them From ExtinctionIt’s a room that tricks bees into thinking it’s spring year-round.
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    Even When She’s Chased by a Bee, Simone Biles Is Cuter Than YouThe bee flew out of her bouquet as she accepted a gold medal in 2014.
  5. tony bees
    Former NYPD Bee Guy Takes Swipe at DepartmentTony Bees left the NYPD amid accusations that he was keeping the bees he removed on the job to make honey that he sold for profit.
  6. Why We’re Doomed to Remember That Bees Are Dying Globally at an Alarming RateJust when you thought you’d forgotten.
  7. Cat Gets Stung in the Nose by Bee, Becomes Japanese Internet SensationThis poor cat’s fame grew as quickly as its nose.
  8. nature sounds
    Bees Try to Steal Bike; NYPD RespondsYou might want to avoid the corner of 56th Street and Seventh Avenue.
  9. portents
    It Turns Out Bees Are, Quite Literally, Worrying Themselves to DeathThey’re dying of stress, which is stressing us out. But we’ve only got ourselves to blame.
  10. White House Still Thinks ‘Bees Are Good’President Obama announces a plan to save the honeybees. 
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    Honeybees Had a Pretty Awful YearBeekeepers reported losing about 42 percent of their colonies in the past year. 
  12. TV Reporter Covered in Bees Has Very Timely Story About BeesA truck crashed in Washington, and nearly 14 million bees spilled out.
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    50,000 Bees in a Condo Bring Superhero Out of RetirementTony Bees to the rescue.
  14. new york’s finest
    NYPD Hero Tony Bees Is Ready for the Busy SeasonHe cleared a 24,000-strong swarm from Williamsburg on Wednesday.
  15. neighborhood news
    NYPD Bee Guy, Tony Bees, on Swarm of 30,000: ‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Truck’Yes, the NYPD has a bee guy.
  16. nature’s fury
    Don’t Panic, But There Might Be a Super-Hive of Bees in BrooklynSo sayeth the NYPD’s bee expert.
  17. when bees attack diplomats
    Hillary Clinton Chased Out of Malawi by BeesBees everywhere!
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    City Devotes Additional Resources to the War on Bees We approve.
  19. terrifying things
    Honeybee Swarm Descends on Tree Near Unpronounceable Subway StopHoyt-Schammerhammer, Schamahama? “Hoyt.”
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    How to Keep Red Hook’s Red Bees Off the SizzurpRed Corn Syrup, bees don’t know how to quit you.
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    There Are Red Bees in Red HookThis is scary.
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    They Figured Out What Was Killing the Bees!Don’t you just love it when they solve a mystery?