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  1. very good things
    Ebola Survivor Dr. Craig Spencer Returns to Visit the Hospital That Saved HimHe even went back to Guinea earlier this year.
  2. Brooklyn Man Being Tested for Ebola Probably Doesn’t Have EbolaCarry on.
  3. happy things
    Little Boy Tests Negative for Ebola in NYCWhew.
  4. ebola
    Sick 5-Year-Old Tested for Ebola in NYCHe’s under observation at Bellevue after returning from Guinea.
  5. Suspected New York Ebola Cases Don’t Actually Have EbolaThe duo is believed to have recently returned from Africa.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Guy Was Nice Enough to Walk His Mom to the Hospital After Shooting HerThen he went back to her apartment building.
  7. terrible things
    Someone Smashed Up the Cute Animal Statues in Bellevue’s Sobriety GardenAll of the animal statues have been beheaded.
  8. hurricane sandy
    Bellevue Hospital Has Completed Its Sandy RecoverySick hospital all better.
  9. hurricane sandy
    Bellevue Hospital Can Operate Via Bucket Brigade No LongerThe national guard has been hauling fuel up 14 floors.
  10. hellivision
    Tinsley Mortimer’s Reality Show Has Driven Someone (Almost) to the Loony BinMalik So Chic turned up at Bellevue yesterday!
  11. the morning line
    We’re All Going to Die, B-Movie Style • A man carrying a rare, lethal, and contagious form of tuberculosis was thrown into an “isolation unit” at Bellevue after jetting to Paris, Prague, and Montreal despite a CDC order not to travel. [NYDN] • Rudy Giuliani celebrated his 63rd birthday the way presidential candidates do — with a bunch of fund-raisers (in Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn but, oddly, not Manhattan). September 11 victims’ families jeered him at two of the events. [NYP] • After Reuters fetched $17 billion, rumors swirl that Mayor Mike may be putting Bloomberg LP on the block. Of course, that would fit well with the presidential- ambitions theory. A tiny side note: Fox News confuses “eponymous” with “euphonious.” [Fox News] • We’re familiar with the outrage that Martha Stewart’s attempt to trademark “Katonah” caused in the eponymous (watch and learn, Fox News) village, but what about the people the village is named for, Native Americans? Surprise: They’re pissed off, too. [NYT] • And, forget that Park Slope brownstone — what you should have invested in ten years ago was a taxi medallion. The price of the thing tripled in the last six years, hitting $600,000 and likely heading for the $1 million mark. [Metro NY]