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  1. racism
    Why White Racists Vote for Black RepublicansBlack Republicans who share strongly conservative views can paradoxically appeal to white racists as exceptions that prove their so-called rules.
  2. power
    HUD Proposal Cuts Protections for Unhoused Trans PeopleIt would allow federally funded, same-sex homeless shelters to make admission determinations based on biological sex.
  3. homelessness
    Trump Trolls Homeless People in CaliforniaAs he rolled through California collecting campaign contributions, the president blamed Democrats for homelessness, and the homeless for pollution.
  4. baltimore
    Ben Carson Felt Persecuted When He Visited BaltimoreThe Housing secretary visited his hometown to do damage control.
  5. gaffes
    Ben Carson Confuses a Cookie for a Real-Estate Term He Should KnowIn a tense appearance before the House Financial Services Committee, Carson confused “an REO” for “an Oreo.”
  6. vision 2020
    Buttigieg Buzz Buoyed by Blockbuster Fundraising HaulMayor Pete’s done well in the polls and in the money hunt, but has a ways to go in order to be a truly viable candidate.
  7. discrimination
    Facebook Charged With Discrimination, Despite Ben Carson’s Fair Housing RollbackCarson stepped back the enforcement of fair housing laws, but Facebook allowing restrictions on housing ads still managed to catch HUD’s attention.
  8. politics
    Ben Carson Is ‘Likely’ to Leave HUD After Trump’s First TermCarson is one of Trump’s more capable secretaries – if capable is defined as scaling back HUD’s mission and surviving ethical scandals.
  9. conservatism
    Black Conservatives Don’t Need to Be Brainwashed to Be WrongYoung black conservatives face insults from their peers that they are “traitors,” or “brainwashed.” Really, they’re just wrong.
  10. the city politic
    Hundreds of NYCHA Residents Are Facing the Polar Vortex With No HeatWith temps dropping and a potential federal takeover looming, tenants are being hit with trouble on all sides – and some are talking rent strike.
  11. basic instincts
    The White House Thwarted Sacha Baron Cohen’s Interview With Ben CarsonWe’ll never see the duo unboxing stuff together.
  12. new york city housing authority
    Don’t Expect Ben Carson to Fix New York City’s Housing WoesNew York City’s public housing is in shambles, but a federal receivership probably won’t help.
  13. ‘Political Incorrectness’ Is Just ‘Political Correctness’ for ConservativesA GOP gubernatorial candidate has learned an important lesson from Trump: Being offensive is now an ideological imperative for conservatives.
  14. GOP Primary Loser Chided for Not Getting Over Smears Like Trump’s Rivals DidIf Lyin’ Ted Cruz and “nutjob” Lindsey Graham could forgive Trump, other Republicans should grin and bear it, too.
  15. Ben Carson Wants to Triple Poor People’s RentThe best you can say about the administration’s new public-housing initiative is that no one really expects it to be enacted.
  16. Ben Carson Might Be Next on Trump’s Chopping BlockThe president is reportedly considering parting ways with his Housing Secretary, and multiple other high-ranking administration officials.
  17. Ben Carson Offers Worst Excuse Ever for Buying Expensive Dining SetActually, a couple of bad ones.
  18. the national interest
    John Kelly: Ben Carson Would Be Crazy NOT to Buy That $31,000 TableThe Trump administration is really thinking about the long-term fiscal needs of the American people.
  19. Ben Carson’s HUD Spent $31,000 on a Dining-Room Set for His OfficeThe Housing secretary needs to dine in style, while planning $9 billion in cuts on shelter for the poor.
  20. HUD Official Says She Was Demoted for Not Making Ben Carson’s Office Fancier“$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair” could be a mantra for the Trump era in Washington.
  21. Alabama GOP Senate Preview: A Strange Struggle in a Pro-Trump StateDonald Trump went to Alabama to pull his candidate across the finish line to victory in a GOP Senate runoff. But it’s not looking good for Big Luther.
  22. feature
    Is Anybody Home at Ben Carson’s HUD?A long-harbored conservative dream — the “dismantling of the administrative state” — is taking place under Secretary Carson.
  23. Could the Grenfell Tower Disaster Happen in New York?Don’t be complacent: High-rise building failures are never accidents, and contempt for the poor is global.
  24. Ben Carson Says Poverty Is ‘a State of Mind’Malnutrition is just a mind-set. Homelessness is where the heart is.
  25. Ben Carson Makes HUD Employees Take the ‘Niceness Pledge’The new HUD secretary treats his department to a lecture on the human brain, the power of “niceness,” slavery, and the virtues of small government.
  26. Ben Carson Wins Confirmation As Trump’s HUD SecretaryFinally, the U.S. has a neurosurgeon leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  27. HUD Official Hears ‘You’re Fired’ After Trump Criticism SurfacesShermichael Singleton was preparing for confirmation by Ben Carson, whose campaign he had previously worked on.
  28. Elizabeth Warren Grilled Ben Carson on Trump Conflicts of InterestShe skillfully put the nominee on the spot about the possibility that Trump might personally benefit from HUD programs.
  29. Trump Is Using Cabinet Picks to Wage War on the Executive BranchHe is setting records in how many people he’s appointing who don’t believe in the core missions of the agencies they will run.
  30. Turns Out Ben Carson Never Lived in Public HousingSupporters had cited that as a reason he would be a good HUD Secretary.
  31. the national interest
    Ben Carson May Be the Perfect Trump HUD SecretaryIt all depends on what kind of qualifications Trump wants.
  32. Ben Carson Is Trump’s Pick for HUD Secretary, for Some Terrible ReasonCarson is a retired neurosurgeon — with no experience in urban development — who declared himself unqualified to run a federal agency last week.
  33. Dr. Ben Carson Confirms He Was Offered HUD Secretary, Explains QualificationsBasically, he grew up in a city.
  34. today in donald trump
    Ben Carson, World’s Worst Surrogate, Wants Trump to Apologize for BirtherismThe candidate — who’s never acknowledged that President Obama is American — has repeatedly refused to talk about the issue.
  35. This Is Why Ben Carson Was Talking About Lucifer at the RNCThe devilish plot he invokes is a common right-wing conspiracy theory, but it’s one never heard from the podium of a national political convention.
  36. Ben Carson May Be Planning an Intervention For Twitter-Addict Donald Trump“He knows that it’s a problem,” Carson said of Trump’s tweeting. “And the first part of solving the problem is recognizing that it exists.”
  37. early and awkward
    Ben Carson Says Trump ‘Has Some Major Defects’“There is a humility issue there that could perhaps use some polishing.”
  38. early and awkward
    Carson Is Fine With Trump Calling Him a MolesterCarson takes a dangerous ride on the Straight Talk Express.
  39. early and awkward
    Carson Admits He’s Not the Biggest Trump FanHe wishes there were some other option, but how bad could the Trump administration be?
  40. Carson and Trump: An Alliance Built on a Mutual Hatred of Political CorrectnessThere’s more to Carson’s affinity with Trump than hostility at Ted Cruz’s “dirty tricks.”
  41. early and often
    Ben Carson to Endorse Donald TrumpPlot twist.
  42. farewells
    Ben Carson Officially Suspends His Presidential CampaignHe will now go chair a Christian voter-outreach organization.
  43. Ben Carson Says He ‘Does Not See a Path Forward,’ Will Skip Next GOP DebateCarson’s downward spiral continues.
  44. Trump Needs Ben Carson to Add Balance to GOP Ticket, Says Carson’s Super-PacIs Trump-Carson the Republican Party’s only hope?
  45. Ben Carson Says Obama Was ‘Raised White’“The claim that he identifies with the experience of black Americans is a bit of a stretch.”
  46. Donald Trump Wins South CarolinaSouth Carolina wants to make America great again.
  47. Jeb Bush: 4th Place in South Carolina Is a WinFor Establishment Republicans, elections aren’t about winning and losing, but about how you play the expectations game.
  48. Ben Carson’s Weird Vendetta Against Ted CruzDoes the good doctor really think rumor-mongering from Team Cruz robbed him of victory in Iowa?
  49. interesting thoughts
    Low-Information Candidate Worried About Low-Information Voters“They don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, and yet these are people who vote” — something Ben Carson actually said.
  50. quizzes
    Which Carson Said It?Dr. Ben Carson or Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson: a quiz.
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