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  1. international affairs
    Israeli Election Goes From Tie to Netanyahu Triumph OvernightThe exit polls were wrong: The prime minister secured a decisive victory.
  2. international intrigue
    Scenes From Netanyahu’s Remarkable Election Night Turnaround [Updated]Though the prime minister claimed victory in Israel’s election, the results are hardly a strong mandate.
  3. so who won?
    The Polls Are Closed in Israel, But Don’t Expect to Know Who Won Anytime SoonThe exit polls show that everything is still too close to call. 
  4. Arab-Israeli Turnout Sparks Salty Statements and Ned Stark ReferencesWho will the 15 percent of undecided voters in Israel pick, and what will it mean for Benjamin Netanyahu?
  5. international affairs
    Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wild, Last-Minute Lunge to the Far RightGo right, old man!
  6. the national interest
    Netanyahu Clarifies His Chilling Vision for Post-Democratic IsraelThe prospective murderer of the original Zionist dream reveals his plan.
  7. What’s Going to Happen to Netanyahu Tomorrow?Talking over the possible outcomes of Tuesday’s parliamentary election in Israel.
  8. the national circus
    Hillary’s Handling of Emailgate Is a Bad RerunThose around her keep saying she won’t repeat her 2008 missteps. There’s no evidence for that.
  9. international affairs
    Could Netanyahu Actually Lose His Reelection Bid?The prime minister claims there’s “a real danger” that he might be defeated.
  10. politics 101
    Country That Netanyahu Was Complaining About Has Thoughts on His Speech“I don’t think trying to create tension and conflict helps anyone.”
  11. the national interest
    Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress Has No Plan and Makes No SenseRetelling the story of Purim is not a strategy.
  12. What You Missed in Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress — in GIFsSo much clapping.
  13. standing room only
    Everyone’s Going to Love the Netanyahu Speech — Inside the Capitol, at LeastLast time the Israeli prime minister spoke to Congress, he received 28 standing ovations in 47 minutes. 
  14. international intrigue
    Obama Takes Preemptive Jab at Netanyahu Ahead of Speech to CongressAs for the GOP, they’re officially too excited.
  15. What the Key Players Are Saying About Netanyahu’s Speech to CongressA guide to what political actors think about the latest D.C. event everyone is legally obligated to have opinions on.
  16. the national interest
    Kristol: Netanyahu Loves America More Than Obama DoesAmerica’s most confused patriot speaks out.
  17. bibi-sitter
    There’s Mounting Disapproval of Netanyahu’s Impending Congressional AddressBut he doesn’t care.
  18. the national interest
    Why Benjamin Netanyahu Lost His MindThe right-wing Zionist freak-out.
  19. politics
    Israeli Prime Minister Plans to Visit Congress House Speaker John Boehner invited Benjamin Netanyahu on his own.
  20. Obama Getting Hell Over Netanyahu ‘Chickenshit’ SlamAnd he didn’t even say it.
  21. oh dear
    U.S. Officials Think Netanyahu Is ‘Aspergery’Among other things.
  22. Awful #JSIL Campaign Likens Israel to ISISUm, yeah, not quite.
  23. Netanyahu Equates Hamas and ISIS in Another Controversial U.N. SpeechIsrael’s response to Abbas.
  24. kerry kronicles
    Israeli Weapons Requests From the U.S. Now Need to Be Individually ApprovedIt’s kind of shocking that this wasn’t the case before.
  25. international affairs
    What John Kerry’s Botched Gaza Plan Says About His Political EvolutionIs his “emotional commitment” to Israel ?
  26. the national interest
    Israel Is Making It Hard To Be Pro-IsraelA bad run for liberal Zionism.
  27. war in the middle east
    Gaza Violence Resumes After Short BreakA brief pause in the fighting ended on Monday.
  28. international affairs
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Yes, Kerry Can Help End the Gaza WarNetanyahu has fumbled the situation and needs the U.S. help to make a deal.
  29. war in the middle east
    Dozens Already Dead in Gaza: A Rough TimelineAt least 27 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier have been killed.
  30. international affairs
    Israel Increases Air Strikes on Gaza, Prepares for Ground OffensiveIt’s also preparing for the first ground offensive since 2009.
  31. international affairs
    Palestinian Teen Killed in Possible Israeli Revenge AttackClashes have erupted in Jerusalem.
  32. international affairs
    After 2 Weeks of Searches, Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers Found Dead Israel blamed Hamas, which has denied responsibility. 
  33. photo op
    What Is Benjamin Netanyahu’s Shadow Trying to Say Here?A meeting with Merkel otherwise went well.
  34. Benjamin Netanyahu Is Giving President Obama the World’s Most Unique GiftAn ancient stone embedded with a microchip that is engraved with the Israeli and American declarations of independence. 
  35. international affairs
    Israel ‘Prepared’ for Conflict ExpansionSunday airstrikes killed 11 people and wounded journalists in Gaza.
  36. terrorble
    Stray Fishermen Triggered JFK Terror ScareThey got within half a mile of Benjamin Netanyahu’s plane.
  37. Netanyahu’s Press Corps Rescued After SUV Stalls in TunnelBlame the U.S. Secret Service.
  38. international intrigue
    Boris Badenov Apparently Working on Iranian Nuclear ProgramBenjamin Netanyahu whipped out a diagram of a cartoon bomb at the U.N. today.
  39. middle east
    Israel and Iran’s War of Words Increasingly Troubling Netanyahu: “You want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?” Iranian general: “Nothing of Israel will be left.”
  40. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Does Not Exactly Endorse Preemptive StrikeHe would only “respect” the decision. 
  41. iran so far away
    Bibi Netanyahu: Not BluffingThat’s what Jeffrey Goldberg says.
  42. the middle east
    Obama to Netanyahu: Diplomacy and Sanctions Before ForceThe meeting was “very warm” but did not produce an understanding.
  43. mea culpas
    In Retrospect, Hank Williams Jr. Wishes He Didn’t Make That Hitler CommentHe’s just so passionate, is all.
  44. the tsuris
    Why Bibi Hates ObamaRepublican Jews tend to have an overdeveloped sense of black anti-Semitism.
  45. peace in the middle east
    How Ruthlessly Will GOP Candidates Condemn Bibi Netanyahu’s Anti-Israeli Proposals?Netanyahu is willing to negotiate based on 1967 borders, according to reports.
  46. peace in the middle east
    Catholic Congressman Joe Walsh Scolds American Jews for Not Caring Enough About IsraelMaybe American Jews should be more like Congress.
  47. foreign relations
    Netanyahu Gets a Warmer Welcome From Congress Than From ObamaBibi says Israel is willing to make “painful compromises.”
  48. foreign relations
    Obama and Netanyahu Didn’t Smile Very Much in Their MeetingBut there was plenty of chin-rubbing.
  49. foreign relations
    The Netanyahu–Obama Relationship Is Not Going to Get Less Awkward Any Time SoonBut they might pretend it will.
  50. israel
    Israel Clashes With Protesters at Its BordersIsraeli troops fired on protesters who illegally crossed borders from Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza.
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