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  1. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Feels This Is a Bermuda-Worthy StormHe’s reportedly on vacation, just like in 2010.
  2. the third terminator
    New York Mayors Will Not Be Required to Tell the Public When They’re Out of TownWhat are you, their mom?
  3. white men with money
    Photos of Bloomberg’s House in BermudaLooks nice!
  4. vacation homes
    Bloomberg’s Bermudan Life Explored by TimesMayor visits the island about twice a month, ‘Times’ says.
  5. secretary of awesome
    Hillary to Bill: ‘Look, Darling, It’s So Romantic’The Clintons got romantic in Bermuda last week.
  6. in other news
    Phony Rockefeller on the Lam in New York AreaAn odd New England man of leisure kidnapped his own daughter and may be in New York waters right now, heading for Bermuda.