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Bernard Madoff

  1. peter madoff
    Bernie Madoff’s Brother Sentenced to Ten YearsHe’s called a victim of his loyalty to Bernie.
  2. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Thought He Was Going to Help Teach Ethics at HarvardJust like Eliot Spitzer.
  3. the fabulous noels
    Marisa Noel Brown Sued for Making Money Off of Stuff That Wasn’t HersThere’s an unsatisfying symmetry here.
  4. made-off
    HSBC Settles for $62.5 Million in Madoff Suit, Won’t Admit WrongdoingThe bank will pony up cash to Madoff’s victims but won’t admit that it knew what it probably should have known.
  5. made-off
    Bernie Madoff Ruining Divorces Now TooWhy not? He ruined everything else.
  6. made-off
    The Madoff Tapes: Bernie on His Son’s SuicideListen to the Ponzi-schemer get choked up about the death of Mark Madoff.
  7. made-off
    Top SEC Lawyer Sued for $1.5 Million in Fictitious Madoff GainsWell, THIS is awkward.
  8. made-off
    Feds Squeeze $625 Million Out of Madoff Ally Carl ShapiroThat’s a lot.