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  1. politics
    Betsy DeVos Tells Education Department Staff to ‘Resist’ Biden: ReportHer comment suggests career officials were fully onboard with her agenda of budget cuts and privatization.
  2. the national interest
    Trump and DeVos Propose to Eliminate Federal Charter School FundsAlong with an 8 percent cut to the entire federal Education budget.
  3. politics
    Elizabeth Warren Wants to Put a Former Public School Teacher in Her CabinetThe candidate has pledged to nominate a former public school teacher to be Education secretary.
  4. betsy devos
    Betsy DeVos: Stop Using ‘My Name As Clickbait’Speaking voluntarily in front of a room full of education writers, DeVos said, “I don’t enjoy the publicity that comes with my position.”
  5. gun control
    Memo Refutes Betsy DeVos’s Claim She Couldn’t Ban Schools From Buying GunsAn Education Department internal memo proves Betsy DeVos could have blocked schools from using federal funds to buy firearms, contrary to her claims.
  6. the national interest
    Trump Opposes Own Budget Plan to Defund Special OlympicsThe old self-triangulation.
  7. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Why the Mueller Investigation Wasn’t WatergateThe fact remains that Trump is a useful idiot for the Russian cause even if he’s not a Russian agent.
  8. betsy devos
    Betsy DeVos Criticizes the Media for Accurate Reporting on Special Olympics CutsDeVos accused journalists of reporting “falsehoods” about federal funding cuts to the Special Olympics, before confirming those exact cuts.
  9. betsy devos
    Betsy DeVos Wants to Eliminate All Federal Funding for the Special OlympicsFor the third year in a row, DeVos hopes to cut federal funding for the program — a small financial gesture, but one that shows where priorities lie.
  10. 2020 elections
    Cory Booker Has a School Choice ProblemBooker’s past positions on vouchers and charter schools are out of line with Democratic orthodoxy. He can’t stay quiet about it much longer.
  11. education
    Arizona Court Kills Taxes-for-Education Ballot InitiativeA grassroots effort to boost taxes on the wealthy to pay for education improvements was shot down, but the general election could become a referendum.
  12. student debt
    Trump’s Student Debt Policies Are Mind-bogglingly CorruptThe government’s student-loan watchdog just resigned after realizing that Trump is committed to helping sham colleges fleece students and taxpayers.
  13. guns
    Report: Betsy DeVos May Let Schools Use Federal Education Funds to Buy GunsThe Education Department has a sneaky plan to arm teachers.
  14. betsy devos
    Among Other Things, Federal Subsidies to Defraud Students Are ExpensiveBetsy DeVos thinks for-profit colleges as well as K-12 private schools deserve federal subsidies without accountability.
  15. the national interest
    Trump Invites For-Profit Colleges to Exploit StudentsBetsy DeVos thinks the federal government should help failing colleges rip off students.
  16. Quiz: What’s the Worst Part of This Betsy DeVos Exchange?Apparently the Education secretary thought her 60 Minutes interview would be open book.
  17. Trump Wants Armed Teachers and Universal Background ChecksIn a “listening session” on gun control, Trump floated some unhinged ideas along with some downright reasonable ones.
  18. Betsy DeVos Announces Rollback of Title IX Guidance on Campus Sexual Assault“The truth is that the system established by the prior administration has failed too many students,” DeVos said.
  19. the national interest
    Trump, DeVos, and the Creation of an American OligarchyTrump was open about his racism, authoritarianism, and admiration for Putin. His great lie was that he would drain the swamp.
  20. education
    Betsy DeVos Knew How to Wield Power in Michigan. It’s Not Working in D.C.Who is she? And how did she get to be head of our schools?
  21. 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos for Refusing to Enforce Student-Loan ProtectionsThe Education secretary is blocking new rules that would make it easier for students defrauded by for-profit colleges to have their debts forgiven.
  22. Here’s How to Tell That Trump’s Budget Doesn’t Care at All About Poor PeopleForget what Trump does to programs liberals think help poor people. Look at what he does to programs Trump thinks help poor people.
  23. DeVos Appoints Professional Clinton-Hater to Key Civil-Rights PositionThe woman who will for the time being run DoEd’s Office of Civil Rights has has quite the career of ideological extremism and intense partisanship.
  24. Betsy DeVos Cites Jim Crow–Era College System As Model of ‘School Choice’The Education secretary explains that historically black colleges prove that publicly subsidizing unregulated private schools is a good idea.
  25. Betsy DeVos Asked Twitter a Question, and Twitter Was Not AmusedWarning: Potential grizzlies ahead.
  26. the national interest
    Why Was Betsy DeVos the One Trump Nominee Who Provoked Opposition?Democrats can muster enormous political energy against Trump. But can they channel it effectively?
  27. Betsy DeVos May Be Hurting Her Cause of School PrivatizationTrump’s secretary of Education has become a rallying point for public-school defenders.
  28. WATCH: Betsy DeVos Was Just Confirmed in an Unprecedented Tiebreaker VoteVice-President Mike Pence delivered the first tie-breaking vote for a cabinet appointee in history.
  29. Red-State Democrats Not Rushing to Help Republicans Just YetThe GOP assumed that Dems from pro-Trump states might be of help in the Senate. It’s not looking that way.
  30. Mike Pence Will Likely Break Senate Tie on DeVos. He’d Better Get Used to It.With GOP holding a narrow margin in the Senate, and with the declining use of filibusters, ties could become commonplace.
  31. select all
    Philadelphia Teacher Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to ‘Buy’ Pat Toomey’s Vote“If Betsy DeVos can buy Senator Toomey’s vote, we should be allowed to do the same.”
  32. Democrats Need to Flip One More Republican to Block Betsy DeVosOne vote away from keeping the billionaire heiress to the Amway fortune from becoming Education Secretary.
  33. government gazillionaires
    The Billionaires (and Mega-Millionaires) Trump Wants in His CabinetPopulism has seldom been so rich. A nominee dossier.
  34. trump transition
    Does Betsy DeVos Really Believe in Public Schools?The would-be secretary of Education is committed to eroding accountability for the use of taxpayers’ education funding.
  35. trump transition
    6 Testy Moments From Trump Education Pick Betsy DeVos’s Confirmation HearingShe would not promise not to privatize public schools and said schools may need guns on campus to fend off grizzly bears.
  36. trump transition
    Hearing Delayed for Trump Pick Betsy DeVos, Whose Ethics Report Is Not FinishedThe announcement did not mention complaints that the rushed confirmation process leaves no time for proper vetting.
  37. It’s Really Hard to Destroy Public Schools From WashingtonThe federal Department of Education doesn’t have the money or clout to force the kind of widespread school privatization Betsy DeVos likely wants.
  38. Trump Picks Wealthy Voucher Proponent to Head Education DepartmentBetsy DeVos is his gift to the Christian right.