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    Paris Hilton Gets a PotbellyThe starlet has added a porcine princess to her backyard menagerie.
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    Lehman Continues Staff Cuts1,500 more jobs were eliminated at the bank this week. Plus, the latest on Michael Phelps, JPMorgan, Steve Jobs, and more.
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    Kristin Davis Is Not a Slut, Okay?Kristin Davis got annoyed that Evan Handler’s wife jokingly referred to her as a “slut” when Handler had to film sex scenes with Davis on Sex and the City. Real-estate developer and Observer owner Jared Kushner recently replaced his dinner table with a Ping-Pong table and says more people come visit him now. Carly Simon says she never slept with Mick Jagger, but Bianca Jagger doesn’t believe her. Folk legend Pete Seeger is still annoyed that his protégé Bob Dylan switched to electric guitar back in 1965. Gwen Stefani says that she thinks celebrity gossip is gross, but she’s addicted.
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    Jude Law Brings His Pillbox Hat to Halston RoleIt looks like 2008 is the new 1978. That is, it will be the year of Halston. Not only will the fashion house, purchased last year by Harvey Weinstein with the creative help of Tamara Mellon and Rachel Zoe, show again at New York’s Fashion Week — but it turns out that a Weinstein movie is in the works about the iconic designer’s life. And Jude Law is in talks to play the lead role! Which not only means that we get to see Jude Law play gay again, but also that we’ll get to see a whole bevy of celebrities played by younger stars. We can see it now: Zach Braff as Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell, Anne Hathaway as Bianca Jagger … and oh! Oh! Amy Winehouse as Liza Minnelli!! Jude Law to Play Halston? [Fashionista] The A to Z of What’s Hot for 2008 [Daily Telegraph] Earlier: Can Harvey Resurrect Halston?
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    Bianca Jagger Ruins Some Civil Servant’s DayTwo months after it was announced that Bianca Jagger was going to lose the lease on her massive Park Avenue apartment (and four years after she stopped paying rent on it because of a dispute with her landlord over mold), the fuzz has shown up to start chucking out her stuff. “She found out from a neighbor’s phone call that a sheriff had arrived,” reports the Associated Press. (Wow. Will the sheriff come to town and move our stuff when we leave, too? He can have it. We’re sure our Ikea couch would look good in his saloon.) This marks the end of years and years of battling between Jagger and her landlords, Katz Park Avenue Corp. Katz finally won in October by proving that Jagger wasn’t eligible for the rent-stabilized place, since she really lived in London. But we figure the real loser here is that poor sheriff. Can you imagine moving some rich lady’s junk out in this weather? Jagger Evicted From NYC Apartment [HuffPo] Related: Bianca Jagger Kicked Out of Park Avenue Apartment, Mold Gets to Stay
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    Bianca Jagger Kicked Out of Park Avenue Apartment, Mold Gets to StayPoor Bianca Jagger. She’s losing the lease on the Park Avenue apartment she’s had for twenty years. After lawyers for her landlord, Katz Park Ave. Corp., pointed out to a judge that Jagger was only staying in the United States on a temporary visa, it was impossible for her to claim that the rent-stabilized apartment was her permanent residence. Jagger paid $4,600 a month in rent for the home at the tony 530 Park building. According to reports, the market rent of her apartment would be upwards of $8,000. Not that it really matters, since she stopped paying in 2003, claiming that “toxic mildew” in the walls made it impossible for her to live there. She and Katz are still embroiled in a $20 million lawsuit over the mold. It’s so confusing; is Bianca a victim? We can’t tell. Really, the whole thing just brings us back to the age-old New York conundrum: Why the hell does someone like Bianca Jagger get to have a rent-stabilized apartment, anyway? Bianca Jagger Loses NYC Apartment [AP]
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    Stars Already Blabbing About ‘Sex and the City’ PlotVincent Gallo railed against a New York Post reporter who speculated that his penis in Brown Bunny was a prosthetic. The stars of the Sex and the City movie have all signed non-disclosure agreements regarding the plot, though Kristin Davis claims the Post is involved in some capacity. Brad Pitt bought a watch in New York. Mick Jagger barely missed a run-in with ex-wife Bianca at Cipriani in the Sherry-Netherland. Police commish Ray Kelly, who turns 66 next week, wears a hidden hearing aid. Carmen Electra hung out with Joan Jett backstage at Jones Beach.