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    Duckworth Drops Ultimatum to Vote Against Biden Cabinet NomineesThe senator rescinded a plan to vote against candidates until Biden nominates an Asian American cabinet member, when he agreed to her requests.
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    Becerra Confirmed as HHS Secretary in Closest Vote YetThe California attorney general drew special Republican heat for antagonizing anti-abortion activists and for challenging Donald Trump in court.
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    Deb Haaland Confirmed As First Native American Interior SecretaryThe first Indigenous American to serve in a presidential Cabinet, Haaland will oversee the department which implements policy for tribal lands.
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    Marcia Fudge Confirmed As Biden’s HUD SecretaryThe Ohio representative will take the reins at the Department of Housing and Urban Development amid a housing crisis exacerbated by the pandemic.
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    Bernie Sanders Casts First Democratic Vote Against a Biden Cabinet NomineeTom Vilsack was overwhelmingly confirmed anyway, and Democratic unity remains impressive.
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    Susan Collins Deals (Likely) Death Blow to Tanden NominationSenate moderates are poised to sacrifice Biden’s OMB pick on the altar of civility — but the White House isn’t relinquishing Tanden just yet.
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    Biden Will Run a Very Un-Waspy GovernmentWomen, Blacks, Latinos, Catholics, and Jews: This ain’t your grandfather’s Cabinet.
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    A Biden Style of Government Is Emerging: Lowest Drama PossibleThe president-elect’s organizing principle seems to be a Barack Obama–inspired insistence on minimizing potential conflict in his administration.
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    Biden’s Cabinet Picks Are Getting WeirdWith Susan Rice’s nomination to the Domestic Policy Council, it’s starting to feel like Biden is just having ex-colleagues draw jobs out of a hat.
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    Biden Will Nominate Xavier Becerra for HHS SecretaryAs California’s attorney general, Becerra helped lead the legal charge against Trump, but he lacks the health-policy experience of other contenders.