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Big Beautiful Walls

  1. Report: House Intel Republicans to Build a Literal Wall Between GOP, Dem AidesRepublicans are getting at least one big beautiful wall in 2018.
  2. big beautiful walls
    President Trump Wants ‘See-through’ Border WallHe’s also not kidding about those solar panels.
  3. build that wall
    House GOP Proposes $1.6 Billion for Border WallThe money, included in a Homeland Security spending bill, is likely to set up a shutdown fight with Democrats.
  4. New Plan: Get El Chapo to Pay for the Border WallSenator Ted Cruz proposes using forfeitures from a drug lord, whose career proves the ineffectiveness of border walls, to pay for the border wall.
  5. Thousands Take to the Streets in Mexico to Protest TrumpMexicans marched against the wall, deportation, and Mexico’s corruption.
  6. neighborly disputes
    Once Again, Mexico Reminds Trump That It Won’t Be Paying for That Border Wall“Of course” not, said that country’s president after Trump’s press conference.
  7. big beautiful walls
    GOP Congress Has Plan to Build Trump’s Border Wall, Make America Pay for ItMexico would reimburse us, theoretically.
  8. In Texas, Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’ Is Morphing Into a Series of FencesDemocratic officials in Texas are relieved at what they’re hearing from Trump’s team.
  9. Did Donald Trump Just Help the Cause of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?Trump is trying to convince his base that they care more about building a wall than deporting 11 million people. That could help make reform possible.