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  1. Pruitt Flies First Class to Avoid Dealing With the Riffraff in CoachThe EPA administrator not only thinks like an oil exec: he travels like one.
  2. climate change
    The Rockefellers vs. Exxon, the Company That Made Them the RockefellersThe family that pioneered the oil industry in America wants to expose what Exxon hid from the public about climate change.
  3. Fearing Environmental Disaster, Big Oil Wants Trump to Slow Regulation RollbackThe oil giants also want to make sure smaller companies have a hard time sharing in their success.
  4. Trump to Allow Underwater Oil Drillers to Endanger the Basis of All Ocean LifeSeismic air-gun blasts help detect oil reserves. They also kill zooplankton — the basis of every ocean food web. Trump is about to lift a ban on them.
  5. Big Oil Is Ready for HillaryEmployees and executives in the energy industry have donated far more money to Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.