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    Confirmed: Citi Bike Had a Rough First YearThe city comptroller released an audit on the bike share’s early troubles.
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    Why You Should Buy a Citi Bike Membership Right Now, During the ‘Death Spiral’Prices are about to go way up, and improvements are on the way.
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    Citi Bike Might Be Saved by Sexy GymInvestors from Equinox are interested.
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    Citi Bike Boss Resigns Amid Bad NewsThe bike-share program’s problems continue.
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    Citi Bike’s Four Huge ProblemsThe bike-share program needs millions of dollars, “quickly.”
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    Citi Bike’s Winter ProblemHow the bike-share program is preparing — or not — for snow.
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    Citi Bike Expanding to More Rich NeighborhoodsUpper West Side, Upper East Side, Park Slope, and Cobble Hill are next.
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    Some Citi Bikes Removed From Wealthy StreetsSurprise.
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    Citi Bike Now Being Used As SoulCycle for Homeless PeopleReally, really!
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    The Best, Most Fair Citi Bike Documentary So FarMeasuring the bike-share program on a “pain in the ass” scale.
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    Inevitable Citi Bike Hack: Free Stationary Exercise “I never have to pay for a spin class again.”
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    A Legitimate Complaint About Citi Bike: The Docks Don’t Work WellThey didn’t totally work out those software issues.
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    Why Conservatives Hate Citi Bike So Much, in One Venn DiagramThis is what happens when five things conservatives hate collide. 
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    Bill Cunningham, Dorothy Rabinowitz on Citi BikeWatch their very different takes.
  15. Citi Bikes Are Really HereFilling bike stations ahead of Monday’s official launch.
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    New York Post Takes Credit for Removal of Eight Bike-Rack SpotsThe complaints continue.
  17. Co-op That Hates Bike Rack Claims Bike Rack Nearly Killed GuyOfficials say it did not. 
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    Local Man Upset That Bike Rack Will Replace Bike RackGood argument. 
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    Bike Share to Finally Debut Memorial Day WeekendIt’s really starting.
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    Citi Bikes Have a Weight Limit … Sort OfThe city doesn’t plan to enforce it.
  21. More Than 5,000 New Yorkers Have Already Bought Annual Citibike MembershipsThat’s a lot. 
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    The First Citibike Stations Have Arrived in BrooklynBut no bikes yet.
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    New Yorkers Will Never Get Lost on Citi BikesIf they’re ever installed.
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    NYC Bike Share to Finally Launch in May Despite Hurricane DamageThe DOT has set yet another date.
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    Inert Bike-Share Equipment Hit by Hurricane SandyAnother delay is possible.
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    Bike-Share Program Won’t Share Bikes Until Next SpringThe software just doesn’t work.
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    Delayed Bike-Share Program Needs Money, Might Not Launch Until SpringLaunch was originally planned for today.
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    Bloomberg Explains Bike-Share Delay, Shakes Head at Fickle New YorkersWe may not get our Citi Bikes this summer.
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    NYC Bike Share Delayed Until AugustIt’s too hot anyway.
  30. New York Plans a Bike Lane Solution to Crosstown TrafficAll you do is slow me down / And I’m tryin’ to get on the other side of town.
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    Bike-Share Map Shuns Staten Island and the BronxFind out where you can pick up a ride in or close to Manhattan!
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    NYC Bike-Share Program Is Citibank Blue and Pretty PriceyBloomberg and the bike’s bank sponsor announced details today.
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    Everyone Wants Their Own Bike Share StationThe city is taking suggestions, and New Yorkers are suggesting that bike racks be placed everywhere.