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  1. the money game
    The Big SPAC CrackdownSPACs have seen a massive two-year boom, resulting in a wave of companies going public. That might be coming to an end.
  2. the money game
    The Not-So-Happy Story of the World’s Biggest SPACBillionaire hedge-funder Bill Ackman and a gang of retail investors on Reddit were both very excited about a deal. Now, no one is.
  3. he said/he said
    What Really Happened Between Joe Biden and Bill AckmanThe two men did exchange barbs — perhaps jokingly — at a hedge-fund dinner. They were not talking about Biden’s deceased son.
  4. Joe Biden Owned a Hedge-Fund Billionaire Who Mocked Him Over His Late Son“Look, I don’t know who you are, wiseass,” Biden reportedly said.
  5. Hedge Fund Giant Bill Ackman Admits Valeant Investment Was a ‘Big Mistake’His firm, Pershing Square Capital, took $4 billion in losses on an investment in pharma company.
  6. Bill Ackman Finally Cuts His Losses on ValeantThe billionaire hedge-fund manager staked his reputation on turning around the controversial pharmaceutical company. That was a bad bet.
  7. shortages
    Judgment Day Has Come for Herbalife — and Bill Ackman Seems to Feel Just FineThe FTC didn’t take the harshest action possible. But the settlement could cause problems for the nutritional-shake purveyor going forward.
  8. pyramid schemes
    Ackman Makes a Star Turn, While Losing Billions He’s featured prominently in a hot-ticket new documentary — and might be hoping that the film helps turn around a bad year at Pershing Square.
  9. white men with money and sore quads
    Hedge-Fund Manager’s Personal Flaws Conveniently Summed Up by Bike Ride“His mind wrote a check that his body couldn’t cash.”
  10. white men with money and grudges
    Schoolyard Fight on CNBC Casts ‘Bully’ Against ‘Little Jewish Boy’Carl Icahn takes on Bill Ackman over Herbalife, with amazing results.
  11. white men with money and nutrient shakes
    Derpalife: How a Health-Supplement Company Became a Hedge-Fund Pissing MatchWhat is the Ackman-Loeb Herbalife feud really about?
  12. books
    Borders Makes a Bid for Barnes & NobleBill Ackman finances Borders’s $960 million takeover bid to buy Barnes & Noble.
  13. aw shucks
    Bill Ackman Can’t Help That He’s Awesome and People Want to Get Close to Him“The investing world’s version of Elvis” is simply irresistible.
  14. stuyvesant town
    Stuyvesant Town to Go to Auction Next WeekOctober 4 is the big day for the complex’s 25,000 residents.
  15. stuyvesant town
    Judge Negs Bill Ackman’s Stuyvesant Town Foreclosure PlanAnd we’re back to square one.
  16. real estate
    Pershing Square and Winthrop Realty Offer Co-op Plan, Partnership With Stuyvesant Town TenantsYour move, CW Capital.
  17. real estate
    Ackman Lays Out His Plan for Stuyvesant TownHere’s what his co-op conversion plan would look like.
  18. real estate
    Bill Ackman Has His Hands All Over Stuyvesant TownOr at least all up in one very key part of its debt.
  19. white men with money
    Today’s Ira Sohn Conference: Who Will Cry?Bill Ackman, or the recipient of David Einhorn’s annual smackdown?
  20. titans of finance are people too
    Larry Fink Is a Real Human Being With Feelings and EmotionsJust because he runs a firm with a market cap of $40 billion doesn’t mean he’s just an automaton.
  21. white men who aren’t afraid to cry
    Bill Ackman Explains How He ‘Lost Control of His Emotions’ at Last Week’s Target MeetingThe activist investor explains himself in a 5,000-word letter.
  22. ackmanimal
    Bill Ackman Had a DreamThe activist investor cries, evokes Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK, after losing fight with Target board.
  23. white men with money
    Hedge Funds Sharpen Blades in Preparation for Annual ConferenceTomorrow’s the annual Ira Sohn Research Investment Conference offers a chance for hedge fund managers to show off.
  24. white men with money
    Bill Ackman Doesn’t So Much Raid Companies As Cuddle Them Really HardThe gadfly investor discussed his proxy battle against Target at a “town hall”-style meeting with investors yesterday.
  25. white men with rubber duckies
    Hedge-Funder Bill Ackman Has Fishies in His ShowerThe Pershing Square manager has put his home on the market, and allows us a glimpse into his shower.
  26. white men with money
    Let Them Eat Index FundsAnd also Big Macs.
  27. white men with money
    Avast! Hedge-fund Pirate Bill Ackman Sets His Sights on Big BanksIt’s a humble plan, but he believes it will work.
  28. company town
    Rent Stabilization Not As Stable As BeforePlus, Skadden’s role in the failed Microsoft-Yahoo talks, what Perez Hilton is doing in James Frey’s new novel, and the rest of today’s industry gossip.