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  1. How Anonymous Cops Online Are Reacting to the Death of Eric GarnerThe ugly, racist, frustrated, and defensive comments.
  2. new york’s finest
    NYPD Going to Try This Twitter Thing AgainRemember #myNYPD?
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    The NYPD Arrested This Man for Sleeping on an Empty Subway Car“For what!? For what!?” he screams. “All this for what?”
  4. crime fighting
    NYPD Puts Desk Officers on Patrol to Fight Summer Crime SpikeAnd many aren’t happy about it.
  5. oops
    Woman Thinks Sugar Is Poisoned, Mails It to NYPDNYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s office was sealed today as a precaution.
  6. new york’s finest
    NYPD Detective Who Drunkenly Shot Partner Fired Before He Could Quit That’s that.
  7. nypd
    Bill Bratton Loves Chilling in the HamptonsThe NYPD commissioner goes out east “almost every weekend.”
  8. city politic
    How Many Cops Should New York City Have?The City Council wants more; Mayor de Blasio says no, thanks. No one knows the right answer.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Another NYPD Officer Got Drunk and Shot SomeoneAnd this time it wasn’t an accident.
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn District Attorney Will Stop Prosecuting Small-Time Weed BustsAccording to a memo sent to the NYPD.
  11. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill Bratton and Ray Kelly Keep Up BeefIt’s not personal, he said, but it totally seems like it is.
  12. new york’s finest
    Ray Kelly’s Brother Further Ignites NYPD BeefThe former NYPD chief’s brother hits back at his successor in public.
  13. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill Bratton Says NYPD Morale Was ‘Awful’ Before He Took OverThe new police commissioner swipes at the old one.
  14. stand clear of the closing doors
    The NYPD Is Cracking Down on Subway CharactersJust like new police chief Bill Bratton promised.
  15. bill de blasio’s new york
    Cops Have Been Handing Out Fake Jaywalking Tickets in BrooklynCute?
  16. showtime everybody showtime!
    Subway Arrests Have Skyrocketed Under BrattonEnjoy those showtimes while you can, everybody.
  17. bill de blasio’s new york
    NYPD Vows to Keep ‘Aggressive Begging and Squeegee Pests’ DownThe ‘80s are not coming back, promised Bill Bratton.
  18. de mayor
    Bratton Is Just Fine With de Blasio’s Phone Call to Police“I had no problem with it whatsoever.”
  19. politics
    The NYPD Suddenly Has Loose Lips in de Blasio’s New YorkRecent leaks are a departure from Ray Kelly’s department.
  20. power to the pedestrians
    New York’s Jaywalking Crackdown Sure Seems RealAccording to the statistics.
  21. power to the pedestrians
    Bratton Responds to Bloodied Old Jaywalker“It was an unfortunate circumstance,” said the NYPD commissioner.
  22. bill de blasio’s new york
    Stop-and-Frisk Problem ‘More or Less Solved,’ Says BrattonThe stops were already way down before he took over.
  23. new york’s finest
    Bill Bratton and John Miller Bring Buddy-Cop Routine Back to CBSThe new police commissioner and his pal appeared on Miller’s old network.
  24. nypd
    CBS News’s John Miller Rejoins the NYPDThis is what he does. 
  25. new york’s finest
    Bratton’s Corporate Work Complicates Return As Police CommissionerHe worked with several companies lobbying to do business with the city.
  26. nypd
    Bratton’s First Stop As Top Cop: Al Sharpton’s HeadquartersHe invoked Nelson Mandela in his first public appearance.
  27. nypd blues
    With Bratton Pick for Top Cop, De Blasio Gets ConservativeIt’s a choice meant to reassure the city’s nervous elites.
  28. new york’s finest
    Bill de Blasio to Name Bill Bratton NYPD Commissioner He’ll replace Ray Kelly for a second time.
  29. bill de blasio’s new york
    Bill De Blasio Is Probably, Maybe Going to Hire Bill Bratton to Run the NYPDAccording to “sources close to the NYPD.”
  30. crime
    Bill Bratton Hinting at a Possible Triumphant Return to NYPDHe’s been courting mayoral candidates, and he suggests they’re into it.
  31. long term parking
    Ex-NYPD Boss William ‘Zero Tolerance’ Bratton Getting Special Parking PerksHe’s still on “official business,” sixteen years after resigning.
  32. crime
    ‘Supercop’ Bill Bratton to Target Gangs in England NextDavid Cameron is begging for help from the U.S. police legend.