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  1. de mayor
    De Blasio’s Fling With a Married Woman Is the Year’s Messiest StoryDid a Michigan man find out he’s getting a divorce, and that his wife’s new man is the former mayor, from the New York Post? Maybe!
  2. mayoral singles in your area
    The New York Post Is Going to Love Horny Bill de BlasioThe tabloid has found a perfect lane of coverage in the former mayor’s dating life.
  3. de mayor
    Why Are Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray Telling Us This?Four theories on why New York City’s former mayor and First Lady announced their open relationship in a cringey, three-hour New York Times interview.
  4. the city politic
    Eric Adams, MicromanagerIt’s clearer than ever that he’s running New York on his own.
  5. politics
    De Blasio Hit With Huge Fine From Ill-Fated Presidential BidThe ex-mayor billed the city for a security detail that accompanied him on 31 out-of-state trips.
  6. just asking questions
    Bill de Blasio on Post-Mayoral Life and His Biggest Regrets (Groundhog Included)The candid ex-pol stands firmly by his record but wishes he hadn’t been so stubborn while in office.
  7. early and often
    Farewell, My Hot de Blasio SummerThe former mayor was everywhere in Park Slope as he campaigned for Congress. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea.
  8. politics
    De Blasio Sees Writing on the Wall, Drops Congressional Bid“I really want to keep serving and I’m gonna find a different way to serve.”
  9. politics
    New Polls Show De Blasio Near the Bottom of the Field in Race for CongressCity Councilmember Carlina Rivera leads the field with 17 percent of support from likely Democratic voters in the district in a recent poll.
  10. stop the presses
    Lis Smith Loves Politics (If Not All Politicians)The fearless political operative on Mayor Pete, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Joe Biden — and her new book, ‘Any Given Tuesday.’
  11. early and often
    How New York’s Redistricting Became a War of All Against All for Democrats“It was mass hysteria. Everyone assumed the whole thing was a plot against them.”
  12. the city politic
    Maybe Bill de Blasio Deserves a ComebackThe former mayor stooping to run for Congress is absurd, but a little less so when considering his record.
  13. the city politic
    6 Things to Know About New York’s New Congressional MapThe final redistricting map was revised to avoid a civil-rights firestorm, but it still creates a complicated mess for Democrats.
  14. politics
    De Blasio Finally Settles on a New Job: Running for CongressThe summer of Bill, part two!
  15. media
    City Hall Wants to Know If Journalists Have Criminal RecordsA new policy governing press credentials is more strict than what was used by the NYPD.
  16. politics
    De Blasio Lets Down Unknown Number of People, Won’t Run for CongressThe former mayor won’t run to represent his home in Park Slope, which has been put together with Staten Island in a new map.
  17. politics
    De Blasio Contemplates Entering a Race He Could Actually WinThe ex-mayor sees an opportunity in his backyard.
  18. politics
    De Blasio Drops Bid for Governor Like It’s a Groundhog“I was not good with groundhogs at all. Probably should not have gone to the gym.”
  19. the city politic
    Mayor Adams’s Big, Beaming DebutAfter the old mayor dropped the ball, Eric Adams vowed a New Year’s comeback for the city he now runs. It’s not yet clear what that will entail.
  20. covid-19
    NYC Schools Will Reopen With Increased COVID TestingMayor de Blasio announced that students will be provided with at-home testing kits if there’s a positive COVID case in their classroom.
  21. covid-19
    New York’s Hospitals Are WaitingWhat they think about the arrival of Omicron.
  22. the city politic
    Bill de Blasio Did What New Yorkers WantedYet as the mayor prepares to leave office, he remains stubbornly unpopular.
  23. new york city
    De Blasio Ignored Warnings to Stop Hitting Up Developers for DonationsA revived conflict of interest concern could be trouble for a mayor with his eyes on the governor’s mansion.
  24. politics
    De Blasio Blindsides Just About Everyone With New Vax MandateCity Hall won’t release guidance for how businesses should enforce the new mandate until December 15, following talks with the business community.
  25. the city politic
    Eric Adams Needs to Knock Off the Globe-trottingThe mayor-elect’s frequent international jaunts could come at a political cost.
  26. new york city
    NYC Vaccine Mandate: 9,000 City Workers Put on Unpaid LeaveAnother 12,000 unvaccinated city employees have applied for exemptions to the mandate. 18 FDNY companies are out of service amid an alleged sick-out.
  27. de mayor
    Bill de Blasio Dressed As the Picard Facepalm Meme for HalloweenMixing up the most famous Star Trek characters is a very de Blasio thing to do — or maybe his “Captain Kirk” costume had a deeper meaning.
  28. politics
    The NYPD is the Latest Police Force to Fight Vaccine MandatesThe city’s biggest police union is suing.
  29. the city politic
    City Hall Starved Taxi Drivers Before They Went on Hunger StrikeHow driving a cab became a dead end.
  30. covid-19
    NYC to Mandate Vaccination for All Public WorkersThe city’s biggest police union has already promised legal action.
  31. impossible dreams
    Brave de Blasio Eyes Governorship Despite Incredible UnpopularityWhen you’re less liked than Trump, the natural next step is to seek even higher office.
  32. education
    Will Ending Gifted and Talented Programs Help Desegregate Schools?Even parents and advocates of the programs acknowledge how much they have disadvantaged Black and brown students.
  33. the city politic
    De Blasio Could Have a Great Final Act — Under One ConditionThe mayor can’t let his gubernatorial dreams prevent him from making tough political decisions.
  34. politics
    Women and Trans Inmates to Be Transferred Out of RikersThis move comes as state and local officials are trying to grapple with the crisis at Rikers that has resulted in multiple inmate deaths this year.
  35. crime
    The Murders Down the Hall393 Powell Street was a peaceful home, until residents started dying in brutal, mysterious ways.
  36. politics
    De Blasio Misused NYPD Resources for Campaign, Family: DOI ReportInvestigators say the mayor’s security detail helped his daughter move, and he’s yet to reimburse $300k in costs accrued during his presidential run.
  37. politics
    De Blasio Is Talking to People About Running for Governor: Report“I’ve got a lot to offer.”
  38. pandemic
    De Blasio’s Vaxx Mandate Led to an Avalanche of Shots for TeachersThe order took effect Monday, suspending 5 percent of employees in the nation’s largest school district.
  39. forgotten new york
    The Forgotten City Hall RiotIn 1992, thousands of drunken cops raged against the mayor of New York — leaving an indelible mark on the city’s likely next mayor.
  40. sports
    De Blasio Weighs In on the Kyrie Irving Vaccine SagaThe Nets guard’s plea for people to respect his privacy appears to be going ignored.
  41. de mayor
    Bill de Blasio’s Most Severe Senioritis SymptomsThe mayor has been dressing down, riding roller coasters, demolishing dirt bikes, and generally enjoying his final months in office — maybe too much.
  42. politics
    A 12th Person Has Died in NYC Jails This YearThree detainees have died in two weeks, and all but one in 2021 were being held on Rikers Island.
  43. pandemic
    ‘I Did Not Want My Children to Be Home Again’After more than a year of Zoom school, NYC kids returned to classrooms, much to the relief of parents and teachers.
  44. new york city
    De Blasio Finally Acts As Deaths Pile Up at Rikers IslandTen inmates have died so far this year, many by suicide. Following de Blasio’s action, 20 correctional officers were suspended for going AWOL.
  45. politics
    The Bill de Blasio–Andrew Cuomo Feud: A RetrospectiveFor years, the mayor and the governor jockeyed for power over everything from a lost deer to battling COVID. Here are lowlights from their petty war.
  46. covid-19
    NYC School Employees Now Required to Receive COVID VaccineAll NYCDOE employees, including teachers, custodians, and food-service workers, must receive their first dose by September 27 and cannot opt out.
  47. excelsior!
    New York Will Be Electing a Governor Soon. Who Is the Front-runner?There’s a big question hanging over the field — and it doesn’t even involve Andrew Cuomo.
  48. pandemic
    You’ll Need a Vaccine to Eat Inside NYC Restaurants SoonThe requirement for indoor dining, gyms, concerts, and more comes down this month.
  49. covid-19
    De Blasio Won’t Impose New Mask Mandate in NYCThe mayor also said that newly hired city employees must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, effective immediately.
  50. covid-19
    De Blasio Tells City Workers: Get a Shot or ElseUnvaccinated city employees including teachers and cops will be required to undergo weekly testing and mask indoors if they decline to get vaccinated.
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