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  1. Looks Like De Blasio Really Did Meet the No-Runoff ThresholdPicked up 40.9 percent after machine count.
  2. the racie for gracie
    Why Bill Thompson Came Up Short Again: A Q&A With His Chief StrategistAnd how De Blasio surged past everyone.
  3. the racie for gracie
    Bill Thompson Concedes the Race to Bill de Blasio [Updated]Andrew Cuomo hosts a “unity” event with both candidates.
  4. the racie for gracie
    Bill Thompson Lost the Early-and-Chipper VoteAt least from one neighbor.
  5. the racie for gracie
    Bil Thompson Wants to See This Thing ThroughDe Blasio is fine with it.
  6. the racie for gracie
    Christine Quinn Has Given Up on Bill Thompson, TooTime to get behind Bill de Blasio, she says.
  7. the racie for gracie
    Bill Thompson’s Campaign Chairwoman Thinks He Should QuitBill Thompson doesn’t want to quit. 
  8. the racie for gracie
    Board of Elections Will Conduct Recount Oy. 
  9. the racie for gracie
    Final Pre-Election Polls: Bill de Blasio Could Lock This Thing Up TomorrowBut can he avoid an annoying runoff?
  10. the third terminator
    De Blasio Responds to Bloomberg’s Comments About His ‘Racist’ CampaignAnd it all started right here.
  11. the racie for gracie
    What You Missed in the Final Democratic Mayoral DebateAnthony Weiner was really nice to people for some reason. 
  12. the racie for gracie
    Bill Thompson Sometimes Invested City Money in Donors’ Firms While Comptroller According to a New York Times report.
  13. the racie for gracie
    Christine Quinn Might Not Even Make the Runoff She’s fallen back to third place in two polls. 
  14. the racie for gracie
    Bill Thompson Answers Reader Questions: VideoThe latest in our ongoing video series.
  15. the racie for gracie
    The New York Times’ Most Telling Mayoral Candidate AnecdotesDe Blasio’s campaign signs, Quinn’s F-words, and Weiner’s tossed salad.
  16. Bill de Blasio Stands Tall in New PollMaybe he’s the perfect height to be mayor.
  17. Stop-and-Frisk: Mayoral Race Just Got SeriousThe race just got real.
  18. New Poll Turns the Mayoral Race Upside Down“Mayor De Blasio” still sounds weird.
  19. the racie for gracie
    Bill Thompson Compares Stop-and-Frisk to George Zimmerman’s ‘Suspicion’“If our government profiles people because of skin color and treats them as potential criminals, how can we expect citizens to do any less?”
  20. better know a candidate
    14 Wild and Crazy Things to Know About Sex Scandal-less Bill ThompsonFun-ish facts!
  21. the racie for gracie
    The Democratic Mayoral Candidates Had a Sleepover in the ProjectsSeparate sleepovers, but still.
  22. the racie to gracie
    Anthony Weiner’s Rise Proves the Value of Free MediaHe couldn’t have reached first place in the polls without saturation press coverage. 
  23. 2013
    Bill Thompson Makes Stop-and-Frisk a Personal Issue in Mayoral RaceHe got unusually heated on the subject last night.
  24. the racie for gracie
    John Catsimatidis Bewilders Audience at Mayoral ForumChristine Quinn didn’t do so well either.
  25. 2013
    Racial Politics Likely to Reemerge As a Major Theme of the 2013 Mayoral CampaignSix mayoral hopefuls got the ball rolling at an NYU conference today.
  26. weinergate
    Twitter Mess Is Bad News for Weiner’s 2013 Mayoral HopesThe question about Weiner has always been about his maturity.
  27. early and often
    Mayor Bloomberg Gave Christine Quinn Permission to Endorse Thompson“Do what you have to do,” her longtime ally told her.
  28. election 2013
    Bill Thompson Will Run for Mayor in 2013Talk about your early announcements.
  29. theories
    With Rudy Out, Things Could Go Either Way for GillibrandJust ask the experts.
  30. early and often
    Bill Thompson Would Either Win or Lose Big Against Kirsten Gillibrand in Senate Primary BattleTwo days bring two conflicting polls.
  31. the third terminator
    NY1 Cameras Banned From Mayoral Debate Post MortemAnd that’s a catfight we would have wanted to see!
  32. receipts
    Bill Thompson Spent Way, Way Less Than BloombergLike 91 percent less.
  33. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Shatters His Own Campaign Spending RecordWhat will $102 million get you? A third term!
  34. early and often
    Almost Beating Mayor Bloomberg Was the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Bill ThompsonThe loser of the mayoral race is mentioned as potential Senate candidate.
  35. the post-racial world
    New York City Has Yet to Become a Post-Racial UtopiaA map of where white people live and a map of who voted for Bloomberg are pretty much identical.
  36. election 2009
    Bloomberg Wins Third Term as MayorThompson kept it closer than pretty much anyone expected.
  37. early and often
    Thompson and Bloomberg Neck and Neck, Claims Probably Wrong Thompson PollAre those rose-tinted glasses Thompson is wearing?
  38. debatable
    Bloomberg and Thompson Debate for the Last Time Before Bloomberg Beats Thompson“No mas!” debates.
  39. mayoral campaign
    Bloomberg Spends the Most of His Very Own Money That He Made All by HimselfThe Bloomberg campaign’s pizza parties are single-handedly keeping one joint afloat.
  40. early and often
    Bill Thompson’s Many Easily Avoidable Mistakes Are All Part of the PlanSo say aides who really don’t have a better excuse.
  41. the third terminator
    Poll Finds That Bloomberg Is Beating Thompson by Sixteen PointsIt’s not sixteen BILLION points, so that’s something.
  42. early and awkward
    President Obama Calls Bill Thompson, and Everyone Else, a FriendWhy friendship with Obama doesn’t necessarily mean much at all.
  43. politics as unusual
    President Obama Said the Words ‘Bill Thompson’ Tonight!But was it an endorsement?
  44. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Opponents Take a Page Out of the Corzine PlaybookBut is Bloomberg ugly enough for it to work?
  45. early and often
    President Obama May Say the Words ‘Bill Thompson’ TonightBill Thompson’s campaign can barely contain the excitement, we’re sure.
  46. early and awkward
    Bill Thompson’s Close Friend Really Terrible at Returning FavorsFred Richmond, godfather to Thompson’s children, is a big Bloomberg fan.
  47. the third terminator
    Old Mayor Joins New Mayor to Bash Prospective MayorRudy and Bloomy spend Sunday on the town.
  48. early and often
    The Only Three Minutes of Last Night’s Mayoral Debate That MatterIn which Thompson is forced to compliment Pedro Espada and admit he’s had a manicure.
  49. early and often
    Bloomberg and Thompson Argue on TVBloomberg hammers Thompson in debate. Thompson hammers back.
  50. early and often
    We’re Tweeting the Debate!The chills, the thrills – all of it!
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