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  1. marijuana
    John Boehner Stands to Make Millions Off MarijuanaThe former House Speaker is poised to make $20 million if the cannabis company he works for completes its sale.
  2. early and often
    Libertarian VP Candidate Is ‘Vouching’ for Clinton, Will Still Vote JohnsonInstead of explaining why people in swing states should still vote third party, he offered a passionate defense of the Democratic nominee.
  3. early and often
    Libertarian VP Candidate Gives Up, Will Focus on Preventing Trump PresidencyHe claims he still supports running mate Gary Johnson, but he’s essentially working to elect Hillary Clinton.
  4. early and often
    Bill Weld: Kerik Won’t Hurt GiulianiDon’t worry about that little Kerik corruption indictment; it won’t have any effect on the presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani. Or at least that’s the political calculation of William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, brief candidate for New York governor and now lawyer. “I don’t think it sticks to Rudy,” Weld told us last night at the Atlantic Monthly 150th anniversary party. And just why might a federal indictment charges of the former bodyguard Giuliani appointed to police commissioner (the job detail: keep Americans safe) and then recommend for the national post of Homeland Security director (job detail: keep Americans safe) give us a reason to question Giuliani’s judgment? Weld’s response: “I don’t think anyone is ever going to believe that Rudy Giuliani has a corrupt bone in his body. I’m sure people will cavil, but I don’t think they really should. I was with Rudy in the Justice Department and he’s the straightest guy that ever walked.” And this from a guy who’s rooting for Romney.—Geoffrey Gray