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  1. into the wild
    Plane vs. Bird: The Dark Side of Human-Aviation RelationsThe surprising insights of an FAA manual on wildlife management.
  2. the panopticon
    A List of Every Animal That Humans Can Spy on With Facial RecognitionIt’s way more than you think.
  3. Hundreds of Protected Baby Birds Massacred by Dumb HumansA colony of little least terns suffered mass casualties after beach-volleyball players invaded their habitat last month.
  4. select all
    Cockatiel Sings iPhone Ringtone to Get Owner’s AttentionBoth sad and impressive.
  5. select all
    Australian Broadband Has a Cockatoo ProblemThe birds have already caused $80,000 in damages and counting.
  6. animal control
    70,000 Birds Have Paid the Ultimate Price Since the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’There hasn’t been a bird-related plane crash in New York since Flight 1549, but that safety record has come at an enormous avian cost.
  7. urban fauna
    Inside the Avian Clinic That Brings Birds Back From the BrinkNew York birds restored to health after gunshot wounds, mid-flight collisions, and other indignities.
  8. Israeli Vulture Detained on Charges of EspionageAn Israeli vulture drifted into Lebanese airspace Tuesday.
  9. urban fauna
    Gallery: The Birders of Prospect Park, Out in Peak SeasonIt’s a prime stopover for North America’s most colorful birds returning from the tropics.
  10. the avian menace
    Yet Another Bird Attack Grounds LaGuardia FlightFor the second time this week.
  11. the avian menace
    Birds Fail to Take Down a Plane Near LaGuardiaThe avian menace strikes again.
  12. flying puppies
    Missing Famous Parrot Found Safe in CanarsieTruman was “screaming” in some guy’s yard.
  13. flying puppies
    Famous Parrot Named After Jim Carrey Movie on the Loose in New YorkTruman’s owner would like him back.
  14. crimes and misdemeanors
    Hundreds of Dead Birds Discovered in New Jersey HomeLike an extra-bizarre episode of Hoarders.
  15. things that are cute
    Patrick Stewart Rescued a Baby Bird in Park SlopeFirst contact!
  16. oh my god
    Eagle Flies Off With Baby in CanadaThe News tried to warn you.
  17. terrorists of the sky
    The Birds Have Struck Once AgainJust when a plane was about to take off.
  18. terrorists of the sky
    A Single Terror Bird Blasted This Huge Hole in the Nose of a 737This war is far from over.
  19. announcements
    U.S. Open Victory Speech Interrupted by Important Message From Squawking DudeThree squawks and out.
  20. animanhattan
    New York Times All Over Hawk Sex BeatThe City Room blog continues its obsession with the circle of life, as lived by local birds.
  21. terrorists of the sky
    New York City Buildings Doing Their Part to Combat the Avian MenaceBut have they gone too far?
  22. terrorists of the sky
    The Flewgitive Returns to CaptivityOur minutes of terror are finally over.
  23. terrorists of the sky
    Loose Peacock Terrorizes Upper East SideThe Flewgitive!
  24. birds
    There Are a Lot of People With Binoculars and Cameras at Coney Island Right NowThey’re waiting to see a seagull. No joke.
  25. stress reduction
    Goose Killers Not Even Bothering With Prospect Park This YearAnother 800 Canada geese will be killed, but NOT in Prospect Park.
  26. terrorists of the sky
    One Day, These Will Grow Up to Try to Eat the Yorkie Right Out of Your HandbagThe MTA released another round of photos of baby falcons on our bridges.
  27. evocative descriptions
    Attractive Drug Addict Resembles Exotic Bird, Paper ReportsA “flamingo-esque” felon goes to court.
  28. why they hate us
    Commuter Plane Kills One Bird in Apparent AltercationThe battle continues.
  29. terrorists of the sky
    Feathered Hussy Moves In on Pale MaleAnd Lola is nowhere to be found!
  30. make a little birdhouse in your soul
    Man Has Good Response to Neighbors Who Complain About Birdcage-Covered House“The bird saved my life.”
  31. badass birds
    Passenger Jet Emergency-Lands at JFK, Bird Attack SuspectedA Delta passenger jet heading for Moscow this evening blew an engine upon takeoff.
  32. september 11
    Trapped Birds Result In Five Suspensions of 9/11 Light TributeMore than 10,000 birds “caught” in the beams.
  33. terrorists of the sky
    Science Puts Our Terrorist Birds in PerspectiveJust be thankful our birds don’t peck at our heads with enormous, pickax-like beaks.
  34. badass birds
    Prospect Park’s Geese Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good NightSome survived the brutal gas attacks, and now more geese have flown to Brooklyn.
  35. why they hate us
    Well, There Goes Sticky.Four hundred geese were rounded up and gassed last week in Prospect Park.
  36. lovemaking
    Bronx Zoo Tricks Ugly Ibises Into Having Ibis Sex With Each OtherSexy music works for every species, it seems.
  37. the most important birds in the world
    Sticky Now Being Hunted by PaparazziIt’s only a matter of time before this Prospect Park goose is giving Barbara Walters an interview.
  38. why they hate us
    Without Human Intervention, Sticky Removes Arrow From Own NeckDon’t question how he did it.
  39. neighborhood news
    Prospect Park Goose Maybe Just a Total BadassGoose is way less bothered about the arrow in his neck than humans who are chasing him.
  40. why they hate us
    Somebody Shot a Goose Through the Neck in Prospect ParkSo far, he’s fine.
  41. econogeddon
    Nassim Taleb: There Are Actually Three Types of SwansAt least!
  42. cleaning up
    Evil Bird Scientists Not Sure We Should Be Cleaning Oil Off of BirdsInstead, we should just kill them.
  43. raptors
    Killer Bird in a BasketLook at this adorable, fluffy, RAPTOR.
  44. why they hate us
    Pigeon-Kidnapping Spree Hits New YorkSomeone noticed that the birds have been going missing.
  45. the most important people in the world
    Jake Gyllenhaal Is Terrified of Ostriches“They look like they’re innocent, but they’re really not.”
  46. why they hate us
    Humans Winning War on Geese!For NOW.
  47. photo op
    Here’s That Photo You Were Expecting of a Bird Covered in OilThe rescue crew gave it Pepto-Bismol.
  48. animanhattan
    Make Way for Ducklings, the New York EditionA really adorable thing happened yesterday.
  49. why they hate us
    Flock of Geese Tried to Take Down Newark Flight to ChinaLuckily, there were reporters aboard.
  50. anxiety-inducing studies
    You Have a Limited Amount of Time in Which to Have SexThe clock is ticking.
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