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  1. ‘Mad Emu’ Attacks Texas PolicemenHave you ever seen an angry emu? It is not a pretty sight.
  2. terrorists of the sky
    Bird Generals Revisit Site of Hudson River VictoryA pair of eagles has been mysteriously hanging around the site of the Miracle on the Hudson landing.
  3. fearmongering
  4. why they hate us
    Bronx Man Looking for Home for Feral ChickensDo not let them into your home!
  5. why they hate us
    Wild Chickens Take Over Bronx HighwayThat’s right, wild chickens. And they roost in TREES.
  6. these are the people who are in charge of things
    Collapse of Bear Stearns Ruined Date Night For Hank And Wendy PaulsonThe former Treasury Secretary and his wife might otherwise have “immensely enjoyed” a scintillating bird documentary.
  7. miracle on the hudson
    Plane Flying Religious ‘Miracle on the Hudson’ Banner Crash-LandsThis was basically asking for it.
  8. nature enthusiasts
    Hank Paulson Knows What It Sounds Like When Doves CryBut he has never shed a tear himself.
  9. the avian menace
    Why Is This Goose Missing Most of Its Beak?Flock justice, we imagine.
  10. why they hate one another
    Swan Wars in Prospect Park!The swans have gone from “elegant” to “murderous.”
  11. terrorists of the sky
    With Latest Attack, Birds Send a Message to Humans, SullyAs the hero pilot returns to the skies, birds carry out a symbolic strike.
  12. the war against nature
    Wild Turkeys Are Attacking People in a New Jersey NeighborhoodAnd Philadelphia is laughing!
  13. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Attacked by Birds!Revenge for Goosenacht?
  14. animanhattan
    The Animals of Summer 2009A tribute in pictures.
  15. animanhattan
    A.G. Sulzberger Writes Practical Poetry About a ParrotSeriously, this is his big day.
  16. Mutant Rabbits, Assorted Other Fantastical Creatures Living Near JFK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. why they hate us
    Even Turtles Have Turned Against Us!Mourning the loss of thousands of Canadian geese, a pack of wild turtles occupied a runway at JFK today. (No, seriously.)
  18. why they hate us
    Birds Counterattack After City-Sponsored SlaughterIt’s just like Obama says — if you punish suspects without a fair trial, you’re just going to breed more terrorism.
  19. neighborhood news
    Please Enjoy Your Two-Piece Chicken Meal, With a Side of HawkSometimes, blog posts come to you.
  20. terrorists of the sky
    Rounding Up of Flightless Accused Goose Terrorists BeginsDid we learn nothing from Guantánamo?
  21. evildoers
    Bloomberg: Geese Not Dead, Only SleepingAnd they have nice dreams!
  22. nature’s terrorists
    Goose Attack on Flight 1549 Was ‘Warning Shot,’ Says Expert“Eventually, something is going to happen.”
  23. terrorists of the sky
    Bird Terrorists Being Raised on Our Own Bridges!What will they think of next??
  24. terrorists of the sky
    City Hopes Birds Won’t Be Interested in Airport Garbage CenterWhere’s Sully when you need him?
  25. miracle on the hudson
    Eerie New Photos From the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’Removal of the wreckage provides a sobering reminder of just how dangerous birds can be.
  26. terrorists of the sky
    Bird-Strike Data Released: Nobody PanicBut you may never look at seagulls the same way again.
  27. terrorists of the sky
    Despite FAA’s Best Efforts, Bird-Strike Data to Be Made PublicScore one for the terrain-bound forces of good.
  28. the war against nature
    Birds Set Beady Eyes on Electrical System, Plunging Parts of City Into Darkness, ChaosAn explosive piece in today’s New York ‘Times’ reminds us of the true threat facing America.
  29. nature’s terrorists
    The Birds Have Mastered TechnologyThis is bad. Very bad.
  30. terrorists of the sky
    Port Authority Yet Another Patsy of Bird Terror SyndicateTurns out that bird strikes are on the rise at New York’s airports, contrary to what the PA has been reporting.
  31. terrorists of the sky
    FAA in Cahoots With Bird Terrorists!The federal agency is trying to suppress all reports of successful avian attacks.
  32. miracle on the hudson
    Experience Your Own Miracle on the HudsonA new iPhone app allows players to simulate Captain Sullenberger’s heroic moves.
  33. terrorists of the sky
    Finally, We Are Winning the War on TerrorAccording to a report released today, nearly a third of U.S birds are endangered, threatened, or in “significant decline.”
  34. terrorists of the sky
    Mystery Object Took Down American Airlines Flight at JFKAnd reports are quick to tell us: It’s not what we think.
  35. terrorists of the sky
    Plane Makes Emergency Landing at JFK After Engine FailureAnd we all know who to blame.
  36. animanhattan
    Upper West Side Woman Sues Neighbor’s ChihuahuasBecause they are annoying.
  37. why they hate us
    Birds Launched Multipronged Holiday AttacksThey’re getting desperate!
  38. terrorists of the sky
    Scientists’ Bird-Tracking Program Doomed to FailSure, let’s just hand some high-tech equipment over to the terrorists. Unbelievable.
  39. why they hate us
    Flight 1549 First Officer Surprisingly Naïve About Bird Attacks“I’m sure they didn’t intend that,” he told Larry King. HA!
  40. why they hate us
    The Smoking Feather!The terrorist birds who took down US Airways Flight 1549 left a calling card.
  41. why they hate us
    Richard Meier’s Glass Tower a Boon to National Security’An all-glass building adjacent to the park is a deathtrap for birds,’ says the head of the Audubon Society.
  42. why they hate us
    Post Isolates Terrorist Birds’ Human AlliesTaxi drivers! We should have known!
  43. why they hate us
    Bird Attackers Left Sinister CluesInvestigators examining the engines of US Airways Flight 1549 found a single, telltale feather left behind by the avian assailants.
  44. why they hate us
    Meanwhile, Birds Hold Summit to Plan Their Next Move’The sky was black and I thought maybe it meant an earthquake was going to happen,’ said a witness.
  45. miracle on the hudson
    Birds: Why They Hate UsBirds have been attacking humans since humans began to fly.
  46. why they hate us
    Birds: Terrorists of the SkyBird strikes, as it turns out, are the most common cause of airplane accidents.